Blog : Blue Ocean Society Makes Global Top 10 List for Marine Conservation

By Mary | Apr 25, 2014 | in

There are many for-profit organizations who claim to help save marine wildlife, but how many groups are truly making a difference? Realistically, only a number of groups deserve recognition for their extensive efforts, which is exactly why One Green Planet created the list of “10 Amazing Organizations Bravely Fighting for Marine Conservation.”

One Green Planet is an online resource that informs users about conscious choices worth making with concern to people, animals, and the planet as a whole. It recently released a list of the top ocean conservation groups around the world in order to help the public identify non-profit groups who are genuinely dedicated to preserving the world’s oceans. A Green Alliance’s Business Partner, the Blue Ocean Society, just so happened to be one of those noteworthy foundations.

The Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation (BOS) made One Green Planet’s top ten list because it is an organization that works tirelessly to maintain healthy oceans and marine mammals. It protects whales and their local ocean habitat by regularly cleaning up marine debris on the Seacoast. Each year, the BOS initiates over 200 beach cleanups all the way from South Portland, Maine to Salisbury Beach, Mass. The BOS has removed over 12,000 pounds of trash from the New England coastline in the past year. 

The BOS also does educational whale watching tours to help inspire passengers to protect the oceans. BOS makes facts about marine life easily accessible to all by regularly giving presentations at schools and libraries throughout New Hampshire and Maine. It promotes ocean education programs with the help of their touch tank in Portsmouth and their BOS Discovery Center in Hampton Beach. The BOS also invests in whale research off of Jeffreys Ledge to learn more about protecting ocean life habitats.

Jen Kennedy, co-founder of the Blue Ocean Society, states “We are a fairly small organization, but our work has a ripple-effect that extends far beyond New England. Our campaign to eliminate harmful litter and marine debris is just one example of how a local effort can positively impact oceans and marine life everywhere.” Kennedy and Schulte started the Blue Ocean Society in 1996 because they were frustrated with the lack of translation of open ocean research into usable information for the public. 

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is the only other New England Conservation group recognized on the top ten list. WDC is an international organization with an office in Plymouth, MA that strives to minimize threats to whales and dolphins due to vessel strikes, captivity, whaling and entanglement. It is nice to see two groups from New England receive global recognition for ocean conservation.

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