Blog : Biological Pest Control

By Craig | Apr 30, 2014 | in

Rats. For some they are pets, but to a vast majority of homeowners, and humans, they're pests. Disease carrying pests. Rats, mice and other rodents are drawn to a property because it provides a food source. Such was the case with a customer of Ecotech Pest Services, LLC, a pest control business owned and operated by Tom Pray. With spring's warm weather (finally) upon us, many people are stocking their bird-feeders with seed. Often homeowners have to contend with squirrels crawling into the feeder eating and taking a majority of the feed for themselves. It's a common problem, but when Pray's customer noticed a rat eating the spilled seed on the ground, she called Ecotech.

But sometimes nature has its own pest control service. In the case of Pray's customer, rescue came in the form of a, possible, Cooper's hawk who caught the bird-feeder culprit before Pray could arrive on the scene (see photo at left).

Pray is a sustainability advocate and believes in treating pest problems with the most natural methods possible. Though he does use environmentally friendly sprays for ticks and carpenter ants, his primary tool when he services a customer's property is education. With a degree in etymology, Pray knows that the smartest way to avoid infestation is by knowing how a pest works, where it lives and what it eats. The hawk's handling of the rodent surprised Pray who called the act, "Biological Pest Control."

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