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By Michael McCord
Green Alliance Correspondent

“I’m living the dream” is one of Candace Lord’s favorite sayings. It also expresses a charitable philosophy for Green Cocoon, the Salisbury, Mass.-based sustainable insulation company where Lord is general manager. “We want to help others live the dream,” Lord said.

As the seven-year-old company continues to grow, it has also become deeply involved in greater Seacoast region community and beyond. For the second straight year, Green Cocoon will be the main underwriter for the 8th annual Hope for Youth Gala to support Seacoast Youth Services in Seabrook. The event includes live and silent auctions, dancing and games and will be held March 22 at the Ashworth by the Sea hotel in Hampton. All proceeds will go to Seacoast Youth Services which provides a wide range of outreach programs for youths and their families.

“This is an awesome event and we have seen firsthand that Seacoast Youth Services is an organization to back and be very proud of,” Lord explained. “They (Seacoast Youth Services) approached us and we are glad they did. They have a unique type of engagement that gets through to kids. We saw kids build a boat and the amount of labor they did. I know it sounds corny but these kids truly are our future and we want them to succeed.”

Founded in 2007 by Jim Materkowski and the late Peter Strattner, Green Cocoon specializes in green insulation for both residential and commercial applications. Lord says the company has become “the go-to” provider for clients seeking a sustainable solution to the common need for quality insulation. “We are now in an echo chamber of referrals from contractors who call us to work on increasingly complex projects. We also hear directly from homeowners who are building a new house and want us to insulate us,” she said.

Green Cocoon is a business partner of the Green Alliance in Portsmouth and the company has boasts a wide range of sustainable insulation options from spray-foam made from soy beans and recycled plastic bottles to BATT insulation fashioned from recycled denim, and also a line of recycled newspaper cellulose. Lord says the company has also made a quite broken through to customers on the financial side by offering a remarkable ten-fold return on investment for a combination of sustainable action and cash savings.

During a recent stint as a guest host on a Portsmouth Community Radio show focusing on the environment, Lord talked about the growing popularity of green insulation and the increasing number of partnerships with green businesses and developers. “As people become more educated about the options and technologies, it becomes an easier case to make,” says Lord, who joined the Green Cocoon team in 2011. “They understand now that spray foam doesn’t include formaldehyde – that a lot of these options are becoming safer, more effective, and more affordable all the time.”

The company has also ventured out on another charity path to do what it does best: insulation. Last April Green Cocoon donated insulation and services to Habitat for Humanity and spent two days insulating a house in Lawrence, Mass. Lord says this June they will do the same to another house in Merrimack River Valley for Habitat.

“We took the first couple of years to get established and we have broadened our goals,” Lord said. “Jim’s (Materkowski) philosophy is ‘what’s the point of making this money if we can’t help out.’ We have become more successful and we are able to help out more.”

Green Cocoon is a Business Partner of Green Alliance, a Portsmouth organization committed to connecting green-minded consumers with the businesses striving to decrease their environmental footprint. Today the organization includes over 100 businesses, as well as over 3,000 consumer members, who receive exclusive discounts at partnering businesses.

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