Blog : The Lighting Center Combines Quality Products with Efficiency Education for Costumers

By Patrick | Mar 3, 2014 | in

Through the years, The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric has always taken it upon itself to do more than just provide customers with the largest selection of residential lighting products in Northern New England.

Instead the company prides itself by operating various programs and initiatives that make it easier for seacoast residents to become more energy efficient.

The Lighting Center offers a wide range of services to their customers including free lighting audits for their commercial clients, a wide selection of energy efficient lighting, as well as sharp discounts for clients who choose to convert their lighting to fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). However, not all the services they provide involve making sales.

In order to make outward steps toward bettering the environment and the community they service, The Lighting Center offers a comprehensive recycling program. By taking back unused light bulbs, thermostats and other electrical waste they can ensure the proper disposal of things that might otherwise occupy a landfill.

These outward steps are greatly complemented by the internal measures The Lighting Center has taken in its main location at the southern entrance to the General Sullivan Bridge connecting Newington and Dover.

Having made substantial efforts to minimize paper waste and efficiency losses from older equipment, The Lighting Center has also made structural changes to their building to reduce heat loss in the cold New Hampshire winters.

So if you’re in the market for anything from pendant lights to tasteful pieces of home décor, stop by The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric and get energy efficiency advice from their knowledgeable staff. They’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

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