Blog : Jenaly's Green IT item of the Month

By Madelaine | Mar 20, 2014 | in

Jenaly Technology Group is unique IT firm, committed to providing affordable solutions for businesses, and making sustainable choices. Jenaly makes a conscious effort to do all it can to reduce its carbon footprint. It is a strong advocate of digitalizing documents (their own and those of their clients) in order to save paper. It advocates recycling and makes its green tips and advice public on its website. Each month it recommends a different “Green Item.” These items are simple eco-friendly items that you can incorporate in your every day life.

This month's green item is compostable egg cartons! Egg cartons can be a helpful tool for getting a jumpstart on your spring gardening. Plant seeds from your favorite spring fruits and vegetables, and place them in a windowsill to soak up the sun. When spring comes around, you can cut out the individual cups and transfer the pants directly into your garden. In the meantime, these little plants will brighten up those cold days as they sprout little signs of springtime.

Bonus: Password Tip! Want an easy-to-remember password that’s super-secure? Try mixed-entry passwords. While JohnSmith12345 could fairly easily be broken, J1o2h3n4S5mith (inserting the same numbers between each letter in the password) would take about 1,800 years to crack, and is almost as easy to remember!

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