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PORTSMOUTH -- Running a successful business is no simple feat. So when an organization takes it upon itself to go above and beyond, those efforts should be acknowledged.

Harbor Eyecare Center (HEC) in Portsmouth is one of those businesses. This eye care center houses several professionals who hold themselves to a higher degree of environmental and social responsibility, all the while offering the latest and greatest in eye care and eyewear.

Dr. Sarah Hudson is co-owner of the Portsmouth-based practice. “At HEC we take being a part of our community and a responsible business very seriously. We know our patients are our neighbors and many of our friends have become our patients and vice versa.”

Dr. Hudson admits that at the beginning of her career in 1998, concern for the environment and sustainability was not a pressing issue in the eye care industry but as that bar has risen, HEC has not only kept up but actually become a leader as one of the region’s leading socially responsible and environmentally-aware eye care practices.

Hudson says that professionals and manufacturers of eye care products have come a long way since the old days when sustainability was not integrated into the industry and now “companies are making concentrated efforts to become greener.”


This trend is also true of Harbor Eyecare, whose facility underwent a massive physical transformation in 2011. The renovations resulted in large improvements to energy efficiency, which were nicely complimented by the staff’s implementation of a comprehensive recycling program.

HEC has also expanded its product range to include sustainable items like frames made with a recycled materials and Miru daily use contacts – a brand that maintains a two-thirds less carbon footprint than those of its competitors. Additionally, as a Green Alliance Business HEC has been certified as green.

The dedicated staff at Harbor Eyecare hasn’t only focused additional efforts on “greening” their practice and its services – they have also made major efforts to give back to their community which today is considered a crucial aspect of being a sustainable business.

According to Dr. Hudson, although the professionals working at HEC pursued their careers based on a fascination with vision, the most rewarding aspect of the job is helping provide care where none exists.

“Those who have gone without care or have particularly challenging conditions are often the ones we can make the biggest difference for,” said Hudson. “Using our skills and talents for those in need is a very good feeling.”

In March, optometrists from Harbor Eyecare joined other professionals and volunteers in donating time to patients at Families First Health and Support Center.

This collaborative effort between the New Hampshire Optometric Association and the New Hampshire Lions Clubs was successful in providing thorough eye examinations and many other services to 21 diabetic patients.

Keeping true to the spirit of community, Harbor Eyecare always has more events and outreach opportunities planned for the horizon.

Through her involvement in the Portsmouth Lions Club, on May 4, HEC Dr. Amy Pruszenski plans to once again help provide vision screenings during the annual Portsmouth Children’s Day – a downtown-merchant sponsored festival combining family-friendly activities and entertainment for kids.

On June 7 a handful of Harbor Eyecare Center’s staff will travel to Concord to participate in a 3K Walk for Sight sponsored by the New Hampshire Association for the Blind.

The group also hopes to volunteer once more in the Opening Eyes tent on May 31 during the New Hampshire Special Olympics. This is an opportunity to connect with the athletes of the games and also provide them with professional eye examinations.

People find comfort in hearing about businesses that give back to their area. For Harbor Eyecare Center, this dual front of environmental and social awareness is the perfect way to foster a great communal relationship with patients and other residents of Portsmouth.

Learn more about Harbor Eyecare Center by clicking here.

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