Blog : Harbor Eye Care Offers Exclusive "Green" Contact Lenses

By Mary | Mar 7, 2014 | in

PORTSMOUTH -- The eye care industry recently experienced a “green” breakthrough. Miru 1-day Menicon Flat Pack contact lenses are the latest invention in eco-friendly eyewear. Harbor Eye Care, a local Green Alliance businesswill be the first Seacoast provider to offer the all-new Miru contact lenses.

Harbor Eye Care was specially chosen by Menicon representatives to sell Miru products. Harbor Eye Care’s shelves will be stocked with this unique brand of contact lenses in July 2014 during its nation-wide release.

Miru contacts have a significantly reduced carbon foot blueprint compared to other brands. The contacts come in a hygienic and recyclable package that is barely 1 mm thick. Miru’s minimal packaging helps to save gas and energy during the shipping process. All of the lenses are produced in Singapore at their state-of-the-art facility.

The Miru flat pack is designed so that customers can easily see the direction the lens is facing. The outside lens faces upwards to prevent users from contaminating the inner surface with germs and skin oils. A 30-day supply of Miru lenses comes in a small, stylish, and compact plastic container. The flat pack case is made from recycled molds which are originally used in the making of the contacts.

This summer, eye care trendsetters can visit Harbor Eye Care if they want to get the first look at Miru contacts. Harbor Eye Care is conveniently located at 161 Deer Street in Portsmouth. Customers will feel good about switching to a sustainable, high-quality brand. Miru will certainly help you see the world a little bit greener. 

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