Blog : Green Maids: Don’t Sweep Your Weekend Under the Rug

By Patrick | Mar 31, 2014 | in

Sometimes it’s necessary to reward yourself for all your hard work. Just ask Director of the Green Alliance, Sarah Brown, who just recently used Green Maids to clean her home.

Having used their services in the GA office for over a year now, Sarah is no stranger to the quality Green Maids brings to the table.

“Its always a special treat when I come in to work the morning after a Green Maids clean,” says Brown. “Everything is spotless and its like the office has been rejuvenated. Of course the best part is knowing they cleaned GA HQ the natural way; in keeping with the GA mission.”

Green Maids owner Johnmark O’Brien launched the company in 2009 and has since been servicing the Southern Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast. He takes pride in offering sustainable and toxin-free cleaning services to those who acknowledge the hidden dangers of conventional cleaning products. Like Sarah, most Green Maids clients try to avoid exposing their children and pets to hazardous chemicals – a valid concern, considering that nine out of ten poison exposures come from household cleaning products.

And between three kids, a big slobbery dog, and a cat with a shedding problem, life at the Brown residence is a powder keg with the potential to institutionalize Mr. Clean. But outside of working full time jobs, Sarah and her husband find time to keep the place tidy – though it is difficult to imagine the extra effort required.

“Our house gets dirty fast and I have no time to really give it a good clean,” said Brown. “I’ve saved up and am treating myself to Green Maids; so the 48 hours I have on the weekends when I’m home and not working myself to the bone at the Green Alliance can now be spent on more quality time with the kids, not stressing about getting the house cleaned!”

So to the truly overworked and leisure-less folks of the Seacoast: Isn’t there something else you could be doing with your long sought after weekends than chasing a vacuum? Pick up the phone and call in the Green Maids.

Also, be sure to connect with Green Maids on Facebook and Twitter @GreenMaidsClean.

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