Blog : The Green Alliance brings businesses together

By Sam | Mar 13, 2014 | in

"Hi Sarah. I just wanted to let you know that the Green Alliance is by far the BEST marketing/advertisement investment we have ever made. We just landed another project thanks to you. We will be working with Chinburg Builders for the first time and are very excited!" - Candace Lord, The Green Cocoon.

These are the kinds of messages we love to receive. It reminds us that the work we are doing can not only bring green-minded consumers to green businesses, but connect green businesses together as well!

We work hard every day to tell the story of green business in hopes of expanding this ever-growing network of people and businsses who understand our impact on the earth, and the responsibility we hold to step with the lightest footprint possible. With your support, we continue to tell the stories that inspire people every day to make a bigger difference.

Part of our mission at the Green Alliance is to be inclusive. We want to encourage all businesses to make efforts to be green, and when thy do, we'll be here to tell everyone about it! It's this inclusiveness and encouragement that we hope will only serve to bring more people to our door. If your business wants to become a part of our unique union of environmentally sustainable businesses, contact Sarah Brown at or 603.817.4694.