Blog : Five Green Tips from Eco Firebox

By Mary | Mar 5, 2014 | in

This week’s Green Tips come from the folks at Eco Firebox, an Eliot company specializing in hyper-efficient, green radiant heat for your home! Learn more about EcoFirebox at

1. Wood burns best when the moisture content is less than 20 percent. You can purchase a wood moisture meter to test the moisture content of your wood before you buy or burn it.

2. Season wood outdoors through the summer for at least 6 months before burning it. Properly seasoned wood is darker, has cracks in the end grain, and echoes a high-pitched "tinny” sound when smacked against another piece of wood.

3. Never burn coated, painted, pressure-treated, ocean driftwood, plywood, particle board, or any wood with glue on or in it. They all release toxic chemicals when burned.

4. During the winter, place a pot of water on top of your radiators or woodstove to increase the humidity inside your home, creating a more healthy living environment.

5. Heat reflectors are an affordable way to help keep the heat in your home. These thin sheets fit behind your radiators and reflect heat away from the wall and into the room, maximizing each radiator’s efficiency.

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