Blog : Eco-Friendly Spring Fun

By Madelaine | Mar 6, 2014 | in

No need to purchase a sailboat or convertible to cruise around in style this spring. A more affordable option is available. EZ Bikes & Scooters in Exeter offers various brands of electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. The EZ Bike team will share its expertise and knowledge of its products to ensure that you find the vehicle that’s right for you.

Scooters are an affordable and simple way to get from place to place. Traveling by scooter saves incredible amounts of gas money. The average scooter gets around 80 to 100mpg. Regular riders fill up their tank about once every week to two weeks. The average fill-up costs about $6.00.

But more importantly, they’re fun.

Scooters can make the simplest of trips around town become fun adventures. Soak up the sun and feel the wind in your hair while you travel to your destinations. Finding a riding buddy who also has a bike or scooter can make for a fun new hobby. Best of all, the world is your parking lot! The compact size of bikes and scooters makes parking easy and convenient.

Anyone with a valid drivers license can drive a 50cc scooter or electric bike. 50cc scooters will go about 30mph. Advanced riders with a motorcycle license have the option to get something a little more powerful. EZ Bikes & Scooters offers models with up to 300cc. These models can go up to 80mph!

Scooters are great for people of all ages. From new license holders at the age of 16 to riders of 70 years and older, the fun of riding a scooter knows no age limit! Prepare yourself for fun when the snow melts; Stop by EZ Bikes & Scooters in Exeter to find your new bike or scooter!

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