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Habor Eyecare's Recyclable Line

By Mary | Feb 21, 2014 | in


Green Alliance members receive 20% off any complete prescription from Habor Eyecare Center. To find out more about HEC, click here!


Meet a Green Alliance Business: ENH Power

By Madelaine | Feb 20, 2014 | in

Who: ENH Power

What: ENH Power, part of the Provider Power family of companies, serves residential and business customers in New Hampshire, purchasing electricity directly from the New England Power Pool, offering competitive, fixed rates to consumers. ENH Power works with a growing contingent of Community Partners, helping to raise both money and awareness for a range of causes — from school departments and towns to church committees to animal welfare agencies. ENH also offers green energy options including Coal-Free and Pure Green plans — both designed to help customers fit both their budget and their green ideals.

Where: 1465 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth


What makes us green:

Encourages customers to help support local community.
Have undertaken considerable charitable initiatives.
Offers coal-free and pure green power options.

Green Alliance Members get ENH Power’s 6-month Coal-Free Plan for the lower price of its 6-month Standard Rate! To become a GA member, click here

Promising Much, Obamacare Does Not Always Deliver As Advertised

By Herb | Feb 20, 2014 | in

Green Alliance Staff Writer

Well-known are the start-up problems with Obamacare — aka the Affordable Care Act. However, government officials are telling us that once the initial bugs in the system were solved, people seeking affordable comprehensive health-care coverage would be able to find it.

But is that really the case in New Hampshire and Maine? For a naturopathic doctor in New Hampshire that has not been true. And for a Maine chiropractor, it’s too early to tell.

People who do not have health insurance, are looking to change insurance policies or do not have access to coverage through their employer can sign up for health insurance during open enrollment until March 31. Federally funded subsidies to help people pay for the cost of their insurance are also still available, according to a joint press release by Covering New Hampshire, U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter’s office, the N.H. Dept. of Insurance, and Anthem Insurance.

“For many, their new health insurance plans include the comprehensive health care they were looking for at a lower price than they had previously paid,” the statement said, adding, “Thousands of people have also contacted Covering New Hampshire, the state’s official source for information and assistance on the Health Insurance Marketplace, looking for information about obtaining health coverage in the new year. These people are learning that regular doctor visits, medications, important preventative health screenings and other treatments are now more reasonably priced through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Under the Affordable Care Act, 51 percent of currently uninsured nonelderly people in New Hampshire are eligible for financial assistance in gaining coverage. About 62,000 (more than one in three) uninsured people from New Hampshire are eligible for tax credits to help them purchase coverage in the Marketplace.

Mirror Image Reflects on Hot Rod Project

By Patrick | Feb 20, 2014 | in

Green Alliance Staff Writer

GREENLAND -- Imagine tearing down I-95 with the wind in your hair and the sun beaming down overhead. Beneath you the purr of your dream car plays a nice complement to the blaring radio. Sound like a fantasy to you? Greenland's Mirror Image Automotive has helped Frank Day make his a reality.

Green Alliance business partner Mirror Image is well known for combining collision repair and mechanical maintenance under one customer-friendly roof. Previous customers have likened owner Jason Battistelli to a lawyer that goes to bat for customers – fending off the knuckleballs thrown by big insurance companies.

Redhook Brewery Charity Program Helps Organizations in Need

By Sam | Feb 19, 2014 | in


Green Alliance Staff Writer

PORTSMOUTH — Last year, the Redhook Ale Brewery created the “10% Tuesday” give-back program to show support for 12 local charities. General Manager Ryan Colwell thought this program was the best way to build closer relationships with neighboring non-profits. Little did he know just how far a positive incentive could go.

Since 1996, Redhook has been a standout restaurant and pub known for brewing only the boldest, most flavorful beers. This American microbrewery has continued to become greener as it has gained allegiance from locals. It is one of three Craft Brew Alliance facilities and occasionally hosts public tours of its facility.

Great Works Chiropractic Renews with Green Alliance

By Sam | Feb 18, 2014 | in

We are pleased to announce that Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness has renewed their partnership with the Green Alliance! For over two years, Great Works has served the seacoast with its holistic healing practices and intimate patient relationships. Dr. Seth has cured hundreds of their ailments and prevented further damage from others, including our very own Jim Cavan. Here's to another year of telling the Great Works story!

Don't forget that Green Alliance members can get their first Chiropractic consultation with Great works for just $49!

Bowl for Kids' Sake 2014

By Madelaine | Feb 18, 2014 | in

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast has been serving our community for 35 years. It believes that every child can benefit from the attention and understanding of a caring adult. It matches at-risk children with carefully screened volunteers to mentor them. It believes that all children can succeed, and it provides the tools to help them along the way. Mentors provide support for kids to do better in school, avoid risky behaviors, and professional guidance.

BBBS provides the community with many opportunities to get involved and help its cause. One of its signature fundraising campaigns is Bowl for Kids Sake. This year it is adding even more dates, times, and locations to choose from. Teams, individuals, donors, and sponsors are all welcome to get involved. Groups can include up to six participants. Once you get your group together, you can register online and start raising money. After you’ve registered your team and begun raising funds, you will be invited to a bowling party as a thank you. The celebratory party will include free bowling, food, beverages, and a Bowl for Kids’ Sake t-shirt.

Green Collar Careers: Laura MacKay, Owner of Acorn Organic Salon

By Theresa | Feb 17, 2014 | in

With locations in Dover and Exeter N.H., Acorn Organic Salon has proven that it’s possible for a beauty salon to “go green.” Laura MacKay, 37, became interested in creating an eco-friendly salon after discovering the negative impact toxic hair products can have on the environment and on our bodies.

“It’s incredible, the amount of chemicals we put on ourselves every day,” said MacKay. “Some of those toxic chemicals are flushed down the drain as well, and end up in the water supply.”

Every product at Acorn is vetted for toxicity and naturalness. Along with only carrying environmentally friendly products, Acorn has found other ways to operate sustainably. The salons feature sustainable cork flooring, energy efficient light fixtures and water conservation measures. Acorn also provides cut hair for mats that naturally soak up oil spills. MacKay has found a niche in the beauty industry, which has not quite caught on to the “green” fad. However, “going green” is now trending along the Seacoast, partly due to the influence of her two salons. Acorn recently moved to share a space in the same building as Dover Naturals, a health food store that makes the perfect sustainable neighbor. helps out Big Brothers Big Sisters

By Mary | Feb 15, 2014 | in

Do you use on a weekly or perhaps daily basis? You probably do given the fact that they sell everything you could ever want and then some. And now, the whole Amazon gig just got that much better because you can help out Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast with every purchase you make. is a new Web site that allows you to receive your favorite Amazon items at a low-cost all while benefiting BBBSGS! For every purchase you make, will donate 0.5 percent of the price to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast, one of the Green Alliance’s Business Partners. Only a small portion of the cost will be donated to BBBS, but the profits will add up quickly because Amazon is known for having consistent business.

Celebrating Storytelling: A Recap

By Sam | Feb 14, 2014 | in


This Wednesday we celebrated Green Alliance storytelling! We bid farewell to the great Jim Cavan, and our business partners came together to give their testimonials about how the Green Alliance has benefited them over the years. It was truly great to see everyone come out and enjoy themselves while learning about each other's businesses. Business Partners and Sustaining Members also got to meet Business Partner and Media Manager Sam Ueda, the newest addition to the GA staff. 

It's events like these that remind us the Green Alliance is bigger than just business, it's a community of individuals who come together under one green roof. We are all working together to bring sustainble and green options to consumers, but most importantly, we're doing it for the earth!

GateWay - Out With the Old, In With the New

By Patrick | Feb 14, 2014 | in

PORTSMOUTH – The centuries-old arts of taiji (tai chi), qigong (chee kung), and yoga are practiced by an ever-increasing number of people. Participants quickly catch on to the benefits they can derive from simply setting aside a portion of the day to relax and enjoy themselves. After only an hour you could leave feeling better, moving more freely, and sensing a deeper energetic connection within. It just may be the best morning investment since the cup of coffee.

Bill Buckley was a strong advocate of these benefits when he opened Gateway Taiji, Qigong and Yoga back in October of 2012. Buckley set out to provide his clientele with a warm and inviting judgment-free atmosphere – and he has delivered. Gateway’s large and sunlit studio, and unusual array of classes encourage people of all ages and skillsets to express themselves freely while exploring something new – or familiar.

Brixham Montessori Friends School Makes Eco-Friendly Improvements

By Mary | Feb 14, 2014 | in

YORK -- It’s quite unusual to find a school as unique in curriculum as it is in sustainability. The Brixham Montessori Friends School teaches a greener way of living to its youth in addition to offering all students an exploratory learning experience.

In 2001, the Brixham Montessori Friends School was founded in York, Maine, as a result of Alica Johnson-Grafe’s innovative idea to transform the Grange Hall. With the assistance of parents in the local community, Grafe successfully started a preschool and elementary school staffed with 18 teachers. The mission of BMFS is to provide children with the special attention they need to thrive. Students are able to express themselves freely and equally rather than having a forced curriculum typical of structured school settings. Brixham Montessori is designed to make kids feel at home while they learn enriching material in the areas of math, art, music and foreign languages.

Save the Date! Wild & Scenic Film Festival coming to Portsmouth

By Madelaine | Feb 13, 2014 | in

ReVision Energy is the lead sponsor in bringing the largest environmental film festival in North America to Portsmouth this spring! The Wild & Scenic Film Festival will be held at The Music Hall Historic Theater on April 25th.

The festival will consist of a collection of short films that speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet. This year the festival’s theme is “emPOWERment,” it will have a special focus on the topic of energy. This theme also refers to the positivity and inspiration that the festival embodies and promotes.

Every year filmmakers, celebrities, leading activists, and social innovators from all around the nation are drawn to this festival. It combines high quality cinematography, story-telling, and exquisite filmmaking to ignite inspiration and enthusiasm in the audience. The films will expose shots from beautiful, remote areas of our planet that the audience has never seen before. It will introduce them to rare magnificent animals, and social activists who are working to protect these exotic environments.

Attending this event is an incredible opportunity to learn more about environmental justice, energy concerns, adventure, wildlife and more. These eye-opening films can instill a great sense of wonder and appreciation for our natural world.

I Heart Estuaries

By Mary | Feb 12, 2014 | in

In honor of Valentine’s Day this upcoming Friday, Great Bay Stewards, a Green Alliance business partner, is hosting a campaign to raise money for local estuaries. The Board of Trustees at GBS would appreciate your help with their “I Heart Estuaries” campaign which will call upon Congress to give back to estuaries instead of cutting federal funding. Great Bay Stewards is hoping that the “I Heart Estuaries” proposal will stop the government from cutting funds for the National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERR). Great Bay Stewards and Green Alliance urge you to contribute to this great cause which will not only save wildlife, but prevent the destruction of estuaries. Help us “keep the door open” for further research that will in turn benefit the estuaries of our future. Here’s what you need to do:

First, send three emails using this template letter, to tell your local congressmen: