Blog : Sustainability Education for Business Leaders

By Madelaine | Feb 25, 2014 | in

The Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program is a three-day boot camp on practical topics of corporate sustainability. It will be held at UNH's LEED-certified Paul College of Business and Economics' Executive Education Center on April 2-4 in Durham. Comprehensive instruction will be given on the “why, what, and how” of social responsibility in your corporation. This program is meant for mid to senior level executives from businesses of all sizes.

Instructors from various areas of expertise will be leading the sessions. The main topics covered will be: Why sustainability matters to business, building a business case for sustainability, and communicating your sustainability message to internal and external stakeholders. Its combination of cutting edge academics, site visits, and team teaching activities will give you skills and knowledge that can greatly benefit your business.

Participants will have the option to complete a capstone project within six months after the program. Capstone projects should be designed to engage peers or provide new approaches to issues faced. Participants will be partnered with mentors who can assist them with the completion of their project.

The new network of contacts gained at this program can benefit you far beyond the three-day workshop. These new peers can continue to help you grow, implement, and evaluate your sustainability initiatives. The program also holds follow up “Stepping Stone” events in six-month intervals. These events are designed for participants to meet with their mentors and engage in networking opportunities.

Participants of the CSLP who complete the program and a capstone project in their workplace will earn a Corporate Sustainability Leadership Certificate! To learn more about this program, visit