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Green Alliance Staff Writer

PORTSMOUTH — Last year, the Redhook Ale Brewery created the “10% Tuesday” give-back program to show support for 12 local charities. General Manager Ryan Colwell thought this program was the best way to build closer relationships with neighboring non-profits. Little did he know just how far a positive incentive could go.

Since 1996, Redhook has been a standout restaurant and pub known for brewing only the boldest, most flavorful beers. This American microbrewery has continued to become greener as it has gained allegiance from locals. It is one of three Craft Brew Alliance facilities and occasionally hosts public tours of its facility.

Part of Redhook’s mission is to provide support for the local Seacoast community. This past year, it donated 10 percent of its profits every Tuesday night to a particular New Hampshire non-profit organization. Redhook wanted all of the money from “10% Tuesdays” to go towards the farmers and local community who deserve it. Hosting “10% Tuesdays” was simply another green initiative Redhook decided to tackle.

Redhook is consistently raising the bar for green breweries. Some of its eco-friendly practices include reusing water during the fermentation process, recycling, and using leftover coffee grounds as fertilizer for its onsite garden. Redhook Brewery chose some of the sustainable organizations for the lineup this year because of their Green Alliance memberships.

The Green Alliance is a locally-based union of sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices that offers discounted green products and services to its consumer members.

Redhook got in touch with fellow Green Alliance Business Partners the Great Bay Stewards, the Blue Ocean Society and Habitat for Humanity. All but two of the recipients for the 2013 charity program connected with Redhook through the Green Alliance.

The program has improved community connections and benefited green, non-profit groups. The Redhook Cataqua Pub was able to bring the program back because of the commitment and support of returning non-profits like GBS, BOS, and Restore/Habitat for Humanity.

The charity give-back program helped spread awareness for meaningful causes. Redhook aided the organizations by donating a portion of its revenue every Tuesday, focusing on one group a month. The pub in turn experienced more business on each Tuesday because friends and donors to each organization patronized the pub. A “multiplier effect” resulted from local organizations teaming up to work together on this project. Many of the foundations featured in the 2013 program have returned for a second year.

Great Bay Stewards was one of the repeat recipients of Redhook’s give-back program. GBS originally paired up with Redhook to promote the protection of the local estuarine environment through research and education. GBS Trustee Jean Eno wanted to drive up Redhook business to accomplish the GBS mission of raising donations to help conserve wildlife and water quality in the Great Bay. Great Bay Stewards was happy to return as a beneficiary after the great turnout the previous year.

GBS also tempted Redhook diners by holding a raffle with a grand prize of $2,000 during GBS’s turn as a month-long give-back recipient. The GBS board of trustees president, Jay Diener, was pleased to be involved in the opportunity. If the give-back program progresses at its current rate, Redhook Brewery hopes to raise $1 million for the recipients in 10 years.

The routine is the same this year. Each charity is assigned one month. And every Tuesday in that month at Redhook, members from the chosen organization set up an information table in the restaurant offering general knowledge about the organization’s goals and activities. Ten percent of Cataqua Pub receipts every Tuesday redound to the organization.

3S Artspace, the only multi-disciplinary non-profit in Portsmouth, was January’s recipient. February’s target organization is the Surfrider Foundation of New Hampshire, which works to preserve the world’s oceans and beaches. For the remainder of 2014, the monthly recipients are: March — Great Bay Stewards; April — Seacoast Science Center; May — Krempel’s Center; June — Rock on Foundation; July — Habitat for Humanity; August — Moore Fight Moore Strong; September — Womenade; October — Blue Ocean Society; November — Prescott Park; and December — Hope for Guss.

Colwell is hoping that what he started can expand further in future years. The program already looks to be on the right path. If any of these causes have a special place near and dear to your heart, head to 1 Redhook Way in Pease Tradeport for a great meal paired with a tasty ale. Don’t forget to spread the word to family and friends about this opportunity to give back to a good cause.

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