Blog : NhSolarGarden Hits the Ground Running

By Patrick | Feb 28, 2014 | in

STRATHAM – For most newborn businesses, much like a newborn child, getting off the ground and taking those first steps can be cumbersome. NhSolarGarden is proving to be somewhat of a prodigy; as soon as they declared themselves open, word began to spread throughout newspapers across the state, and interest in their group net metering strategy skyrocketed. They are continuing to gain momentum and support for its innovative and localized solar solutions.

Owner Andrew Kellar has never faltered in his long history of impressive green careers. Not only did he help to co-found the Green Alliance and Simply Green Biofuels, he has also worked very closely with several progressive organizations including the Green Launching Pad, which helps local startups bring environmental solutions to the market.

So when Kellar founded NhSolarGarden in response to SB 98 – a new law referred to as Group Net Metering, it was only a matter of time before business began to pick up.

Group Net Metering allows for a solar producer in one location share its excess with other offsite locations, so long as they share the same electricity provider. Even without having the means or feasibility to install solar panels, NhSolarGarden makes it possible for New Hampshire residents to use 100 percent renewable solar energy to power their home or business without any major inconvenience.

One of NhSolarGarden’s newer members, Natasha Goyette of Seacoast-based lifestyle brand Get it Going, could not be happier to have signed up.

“Our family loves the accessibility of NH Solar Garden and would much rather go up than down for our energy,” said the fellow Green Alliance Business Partner. Goyette was optimistic about NhSolarGarden’s potential and its accessibility to electricity customers.

NhSolarGarden has made it easier than ever to be an environmentally considerate energy consumer and hopes to continue developing this industry in the New Hampshire for the foreseeable future.

Green Alliance Members – Use your Green Alliance Card to buy locally generated solar energy at a 2-cent-per-kwk discount – a $100 per year value based on the typical home usage of 5,000 kwh per year.

To learn more about NhSolarGarden, click here.