Blog : I Heart Estuaries

By Mary | Feb 12, 2014 | in

In honor of Valentine’s Day this upcoming Friday, Great Bay Stewards, a Green Alliance business partner, is hosting a campaign to raise money for local estuaries. The Board of Trustees at GBS would appreciate your help with their “I Heart Estuaries” campaign which will call upon Congress to give back to estuaries instead of cutting federal funding. Great Bay Stewards is hoping that the “I Heart Estuaries” proposal will stop the government from cutting funds for the National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERR). Great Bay Stewards and Green Alliance urge you to contribute to this great cause which will not only save wildlife, but prevent the destruction of estuaries. Help us “keep the door open” for further research that will in turn benefit the estuaries of our future. Here’s what you need to do:

First, send three emails using this template letter, to tell your local congressmen:

1. You (and family and friends) love estuaries and especially the Great Bay NERR;

2. One thing you love about it, and

3. Ask them to request Congressional Appropriators to maintain current funding for the NERRs.

Click here to contact your national representative. The twenty-eight NERRs around the nation need federal funding to maintain current progress in research and educational training. Show your love and support for estuaries on the day of love! The “I Heart Estuaries” program will end on Valentine’s Day, February 14. After you send your letter, please RSVP to NERRA by emailing

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