Blog : Futuro: The Future of Green Building

By Mary | Feb 5, 2014 | in

PORTSMOUTH — Futuro Builders is a Green Alliance business dedicated to constructing sustainable homes and businesses with the least amount of energy at an affordable cost. It was founded in 2011 by Jesse Ware from JPWare Design, and soon after, Futuro morphed into a powerful green building force. Ware had years of experience under his belt before launching the company currently known for its unique design and expert building skills.

Futuro Builders services all of New Hampshire and Southern Maine’s Seacoast. One of Futuro’s most recent developments was Brackett Estates in Wells, Maine. The 58-acre job site (and all of Futuro’s other building projects) have recycling programs to dispose of waste properly in dumpsters. Twenty-six of the residential homes in Brackett were installed with “Net Zero” renewable energy for heating, cooling and powering all on its own. Futuro stresses the major advantages of clean energy for homeowners such as lower heating bills in the winter time.

Futuro takes sustainability into account when deciding on anything needed for its projects, whether it’s paint colors, insulation, wood, technology, or general practices. The team at Futuro is proud to build green homes that are both energy and cost efficient. Zero Energy is a very important aspect of their construction.

Futuro Builders cares about protecting the environment and its clients. It insulates walls with high R-rating insulation, uses low or no-VOC paint, and selects the most sustainable building resources and supplies.

To learn more about Futuro Builders, visit its Green Alliance Business Page by clicking here. Green Cardholders will receive a FREE finished additional room worth $12,000 with the purchase of one of Futuro’s model homes at Brackett Estates!