Blog : Five Green Tips from ENH Power and Provider Power

By Mary | Feb 26, 2014 | in

This week's Green Tips come from ENH Power/Provider Power. Look for more Green Tips from the GA and ENH on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more about ENH Power at

1. Know your options. In many states the deregulation of the electricity market allows choice in your electricity supply company. This means you may have the option to choose from power companies that source from coal free power or invest in local renewable energy projects!

2. Compare value. With more choices popping up every day consumers who care about supporting community-minded companies should remember to apply that filter to their electricity provider. Find out your electricity provider’s ethics and power sources and if you don’t like what you learn think about switching!

3. Consider replacing old appliances with Energy Star to boost efficiency and reduce your electric bill. Also get the right size – oversized water heaters, refrigerators and air conditioners waste energy and money and in many cases don’t perform as well.

4. It’s easier than ever to monitor the electricity you use! When you monitor you better understand what activities use the most and can be proactive about conservation. Monitors can track individual appliances, the whole home or even sectors of your home.

5. Its an oldie but a goodie….CFL and LED bulbs save energy. A CFL uses 75% less energy than that old incandescent still in the socket, and LEDs even less!

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