Blog : Eco Firebox Brings Centuries-Old Technology to the Seacoast

By Patrick | Feb 24, 2014 | in

ELIOT – Nothing beats the pleasure of coming in from shoveling the cold wet snow off your driveway, making a hot cup of tea and sitting down in front of a fire to rest. Being able to put your feet up and watch as the flames deliver you to a warmer place is the ultimate form of reward for your strenuous effort outside. You just can’t get the same aesthetic enjoyment from the other methods of heating your home.

With the unstable market price of heating oil more than tripling over the past 20 years, now may be an advisable time to switch to a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of keeping your house warm through the winter.

Green Alliance Business Partner Les Veilleux and his invention, the Eco Firebox, have changed the way we think about wood-burning heating elements.

Coming from a long line of masons, Veilleux always felt in the back of his mind that he might one day become a craftsman himself. While traveling to Europe as a software executive, his roots would not permit him to ignore the widespread use of masonry heat in the households abroad. He left with the idea that one day he would modernize this clean-burning European technology and bring it back to the United States.

You may be wondering how masonry heat stacks up to the “older” fire places that many New Englanders use to heat their homes. Well, according to Veilleux, “The Eco Firebox uses the ability of stone to store heat, which traditional fireplaces simply can’t do. And it uses much less wood than a wood stove does, so once it’s installed, your wood consumption and your need to store wood drop dramatically.”

The centuries-old technique of storing heat in stone allows warmth to continue radiating through your home for 12 to 24 hours after the fire has gone out. This is an enormous benefit to those who load up the woodstove before bed in an attempt to keep their home warm through the night.

Apart from using less wood, the Eco Firebox also burns wood in a much cleaner fashion. Traditional fireplaces and woodstoves tend to release a greater number of noxious gases into the atmosphere and your home. Meanwhile, the Eco Firebox is virtually smokeless and burns wood with 98 percent efficiency.

So when you reluctantly get up from the armchair to head up to bed, sleep soundly knowing that though the fire has gone out, it will continue to keep you warm until the morning.

To learn more about The Eco Firebox, click here.

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