Blog : Building a Strong Team Starts at the Foundation

By Patrick | Feb 21, 2014 | in

With spring right around the corner and business picking up for some, it is imperative to select the correct employee when hiring.

According to Green Alliance Business Partner Cultural Chemistry, the criteria for selecting the perfect employee does not only cover skills and experience relative to the job. Instead, this new-age human resources firm believes that ensuring that the candidate is a good fit culturally is just as important.

An employee may be the perfect match on paper but it is difficult to gauge whether they will expedite or disrupt the productive flow of an organization. Cultural Chemistry aims to help you find a fit for your organization that is perfect in every sense of the word.

The negative impacts of a bad hire can often resonate within a company long after the person has departed. Selecting the right person is especially important when factoring in the time wasted with the process and the financial costs.

As a socially responsible business, Cultural Chemistry and owner Mirjam IJtsma try to remain proactive in helping industries to move forward and grow. They offer a wide range of service to help build a strong team within your business – the foundation of which must start with the recruiting process.

To read over Cultural Chemistry’s tips on preparing for a successful interviewing campaign, follow the link to Interview Techniques that deliver results.

To learn more about Cultural Chemistry, visit their website.

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