Blog : Adapt Design Utilizes Practical Design Techniques

By Madelaine | Feb 6, 2014 | in

PORTSMOUTHAdapt Design is a Portsmouth-based architectural and design firm that places a strong emphasis on sustainability in its work. Its team of two employees utilize their extensive knowledge in their field to build properties creatively and practically.

Its team is currently working on the renovation of a South End Portsmouth home that belongs to a family of four. The team are building an addition that will include an office, storage area, and provide extra living space for the family.

One technique they are using for this renovation is The Zip System, an approach of coating seams in windows or walls throughout a home to make it airtight. This system improves the overall ability to control a home's climate by making sure heat or cool air will stay in the home longer.

Adapt is a big proponent of sustainability. One of its prominent methods of incorporating sustainability involves no extra cost to it or its clients. It simply makesuse of the firm's extensive understanding of design. The method is called "siting." Siting involves deliberately building in a particular place in order to get the most benefits from it. This could involve placing windows in the best spot to get more or less light, or designing smaller bedrooms to allow for more shared living space. Bob Cook, co-owner of Adapt, believes that a family shouldn’t have to sacrifice living in a neighborhood it loves because its current home can no longer accommodate its needs. Additions and renovations to its current home could be the more eco-friendly solution. Siting can save resources, time, and money.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Adapt launched a brand new Web site! By visiting its new site you can learn more about its design methods, see photos of its projects, and explore the services that it offers. To visit its site, click here

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