Blog : Winter – Prime Time for Tree Maintenance

By Madelaine | Jan 16, 2014 | in

PORTSMOUTH — Winter is the optimal time for tree and shrub pruning, tree removal, and other services offered by Cornerstone Tree Care. The bare trees and frozen ground make it a great time to do tree maintenance. Frozen ground minimizes landscape damage and allows greater equipment access to trees. With no perennials present, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged during tree work activities.

The lack of leaves on the trees allow for clearer sightings of dead wood, which when removed can help improve a tree’s health. Bare trees also make structural pruning and stand thinning much simpler to execute. Pruning fruit trees now will help improve food production in the future and create good structure. Services like thinning, pruning, and tree removal are also made easier because sap is stored in the tree’s roots this time of year. This makes trunks and braches lighter and easier to handle. This could save you time and money.

Some other popular services that Cornerstone offers during the winter months are tree hazard assessment, cabling and bracing poorly structured trees, brush clearing and thinning, tree identification, and more. Cornerstone also has more time in the winter months and can therefore respond to your needs more quickly!

There’s no need to wait for warmer months to start thinking about the conservation of your back yard! Cornerstone will be happy to bear the cold to take care of your tree and shrub maintenance.

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