Blog : When the Polar Vortex Pushes Seacoast Residents, Simply Green Pushes Back

By Patrick | Jan 27, 2014 | in

NORTH HAMPTON -- If you haven’t been outside recently, you are not to blame.. Winter, and more specifically, the “polar vortex” are upon us in impressive force. So when you finally complete that treacherous trek from your car up the front steps to the warm embrace sealed behind your front door -- take notice of how great it feels.

This winter, add to that feeling with the knowledge that the fuel you burn is much better for the environment -- and do so at a discount! North Hampton company Simply Green is one of the biggest names in the biofuels game.

As an original member in 2008, Simply Green helped in the foundation of the Green Alliance, which has since grown into a community of 115 green businesses. However, the family-owned and operated biofuels business has also had great success of its own since it began in 2007.

Among the worldwide list of “Hottest Companies in BioEnergy,” Simply Green was also commended by the governor of Maine, and was awarded “Environmental Hero of Maine” in 2008.

These accolades are no joke. In its first year of operation, Simply Green delivered one million gallons of BioHeat to customers who were able to reduce their CO2 emissions by around 15 percent and their particulate pollution by 20 percent.

Customers of Simply Green simply cannot get over the quality customer service and top-notch clean energy the company delivers. According to Joel Bobbett of Simply Green, “The quality has gotten better every year we’ve been in business.” He notes that his original customers are sticking by what they believe to be a genuine value and are spreading that message to others.

Simply Green is also aiming to broaden its customer base by helping those with older heating systems ease into the age of biofuel -- while also avoiding any costly hardware upgrades.

So, don’t get left out in the cold this winter. By jumping into biofuels with Simply Green you’ll save some money while you save the environment.

To learn more about Simply Green, visit its Web site.

Simply Green offers Green Alliance members up to $100 off their purchase of either B5 or B20 fuel by receiving a 10 cent per gallon discount.