Blog : Visions Kitchens and Design: Green Design at its Core

By Madelaine | Jan 30, 2014 | in

“… Green means products that are good for the planet and safe for your home.”
— Vision Kitchens and Design on Green Specialties

PORTSMOUTH — Visions Kitchens and Design is a full-on kitchen design company specializing in cabinets, countertops, closet systems, and much more. Since its launch in 2010, sustainability has always been a main focus in its design processes.

Visions Kitchens works to make its products good for the planet and also as safe as possible for your home and family. Its counters and cabinets are made with renewable and salvaged/recycled materials. Bamboo is one of the popular and sustainable choices for floors, cabinetry, and counters. This material provides excellent strength and renewability.

Visions Kitchens has made strides to eliminate the use of any products that contain harmful chemicals. Most lumber, glue, and finishes it uses on products contain low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and contain no added urea-formaldehyde.

Visions Kitchens has attained various LEED credits from projects and designs they have done. LEED is a popular eco-building rating system. Some of these credits include adhesives, paints and coatings that all contain low VOC levels, all cabinetry is manufactured within 500 miles of installation location, its wheat board is composed of plants harvested in a one-year or less growing cycle, and more.

Along within these outstanding options for remodeling your kitchen, Visions Kitchens offers a series of RAIS wood-burning stoves to keep you warm! These stoves are not only stylish and efficient, but they also are environmentally friendly. All RAIS stoves are CO2 neutral, meaning that the amount of CO2 they emit is equal to the amount emitted by trees when they decompose. It also offers a line of Jamestown Pellet Stoves. Similar to a wood stove, a Jamestown Pellet Stoves runs on compressed hardwood pellets made from compressed sawdust and waste wood. Pellets are considered CO2 neutral. These stoves produce a lot of heat, burn cleanly, and require little maintenance.

Visions Kitchens is your one-stop-shop for beautiful eco-friendly kitchen designs, safe and quality products, and green heat sources to keep you warm this winter!

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