Blog : Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance Seeks to Personalize Insurance Plans

By Sam | Jan 3, 2014 | in

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance owner Jon Merwin puts the individual insurance buyer at the top of his list. That's why when he was reviewing Sarah Brown's auto and home insurance, Merwin suggested that she move from Tower Group Companies to Hanover Insurance Group, saving her $24 a year on her premiums. It may seem like a small amount, but Merwin's personal willingness to go the extra mile for his clients is what keeps them happy.

“Jon found another company for me that offered the same thing for less money, without me asking,” said Brown, owner and director of The Green Alliance. “This is the type of insurance agent that everyone needs.”

Merwin is dedicated to saving the most money possible for his clients, simply because he believes the fine details and personal touch is what makes his business unique. Brown agrees, saying that big-box insurance companies don't offer the same level of personalization or transparency with their policies.

“With Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, you're not just buying insurance online from a place like Geico where you've never even met your insurance agent,” said Brown. “Forget about the Geicos of this world – PAI takes a personal look at my needs, found me a better policy, all without me even asking them.”

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance works individually with its clients to find them the best insurance plan, and personally reviews its policies to make sure they are saving the most money possible.

Another thing large insurance companies don't have is a environmentally sustainable philosophy. On top of the hard work it does for its clients, Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance is just as hard working when it comes to lessening its impact on the earth. A Green Alliance-certified green business, it takes an initiative to reduce waste, from their bamboo office furniture to their soy-based printer ink.

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