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Did you know that every Green Alliance business undergoes a full transparent Sustainability Certification? We want to be sure that everyone knows what each business has accomplished and what they are still working toward when it comes to green business practices.The final part of the evaluation process is the Green Story! Check out Mirror Image Automotive's Green Story below. 

Mirror Image aims to change industry

Every year, 5.2 million automobile accidents occur within the United States. That’s over 14,000 per day, just under 600 an hour, and about 10 every single second. Circumstances and severity might vary greatly from collision to collision, but one factor above all unites millions of drivers in collective annoyance: the hassle of having to deal with insurance companies.

How much can my insurance cover? Was I at fault? How will this affect rates going forward? Will the resulting repairs stand the test of time? Crucial questions all, with each entailing an almost comical propensity for seldom turning out in the customer’s favor.

When it comes to what can be a decidedly unfriendly insurance company calculus, Jason Battistelli, founder and owner of Mirror Image Automotive in Greenland, doesn’t pretend to possess a cure-all. What the 30-year-old has, however, is a unique knack for helping customers navigate the labyrinth of jargon and moving targets that can make dealing with insurance providers such a draining enterprise.

“Basically, insurance companies tend to focus on what the most cost effective repair is, and not always what the car manufacture recommend,” says Battistelli. “There is a lot of vague language in policies that kind of give the insurance company room to take advantage of the customer if they don’t do their homework.”

For Battistelli, working in the automotive repair business has always been a family affair. Not long after his father opened an auto body repair shop in Goffstown, New Hampshire in 1982, Jason was a regular fixture, learning the tricks of the trade from dad and crew until the shop was sold in 2000.

In 2006, after taking a few years working towards a degree in computer engineering, Jason decided it was high time to strike out on his own, opening a small shop in Goffstown shortly thereafter. Then, another move – this time to Greenland, where a bevy of new equipment and a fresh start awaited. Today, Mirror Image Automotive has forged a unique niche by providing collision repair and mechanical maintenance under one, customer-friendly roof.

The choice to combine the two services was no accident: Because insurance companies tend to give priority to corporately-owned mega-garages, independently owned outfits like Mirror Image have to devise more creative ways to maintain their customer base. Thus, by providing mechanical work on top of collision repair – along with complimentary pick-ups, drop-offs, and free detailing to boot! – Jason and his team are able to foster a genuine long-term relationship with their clients.

“We cater strictly to the customer, not the insurance companies,” says Battistelli. “I’ve seen the tragic circumstances of how cars get repaired at big shops, where customers aren’t treated like they just spent thousands of dollars on a major repair. We’re aiming to change that.”

What’s more, Jason prides himself on knowing the ins and outs of auto insurance laws and policies, and makes sure that his customers aren’t bullied by insurance companies – entities that are more interested in the bottom line than righting wrongs or patching up dings and dents. Combine that with an increased selection of water-based products, green motor oil changes, the steadfast recycling of parts, an increasingly paperless billing procedure, and efficient technologies, you get a company that’s doing its part to break – and green – the industry mold. All without breaking the bank.

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