Blog : With Lamprey Energy, Simply Green Finds Bigger Community Footing

By Jim Cavan | Jan 31, 2014 | in

As December’s record-setting blizzard reached maximum impact in cities and towns throughout the Northeast, down on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine, Simply Green drivers remained on task, ensuring that heating fuel got to the people who needed it.

Launched in 2007, Simply Green Biofuels has long been at the forefront of providing bio-based home-heating options to area residents and businesses. In the process they have kept millions of pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Now, after partnering with Lamprey Energy in early January, Simply Green’s well-worn efforts have taken on another, equally important, form: giving back to the community.

Star Island Corporation, the Music Hall, Blue Ocean Society, Strawbery Banke, Angel Walk for Wishes, the Gundalow Company, North Hampton Public School – the list of Lamprey-Simply Green’s beneficiaries is a who’s-who of local non-profit organizations, historical societies, charitable initiatives, and environmental groups.

For Guy Marshall, President and Owner of Lamprey Energy and Simply Green, both companies’ commitment to community is inextricably linked with their local-business practices.

“One of the things we tell potential customers of both Simply Green and Lamprey is that we do know they have a choice: they can buy local and see their dollars stay put in the community or they can save a few cents and profit the big out-of-state companies,” says Marshall. “It’s like choosing between shopping downtown in Portsmouth, Exeter, Newmarket, or going to the big box stores at the mall. You can use Irving or Downeast but where’s your money going? How much of it is staying here?”

Perhaps nowhere is this confluence of community and business more pronounced than on Star Island. The second largest—and most visited—of New Hampshire’s Isles of Shoals, Star Island has spent the better part of the last two years making its handful of amenities more sustainable.

Last year, the Star Island Family Conference and Retreat Center officially flicked the switch on the island’s alternative energy cornerstone: a solar hot water system installed by SEA Solar Store.

Now Lamprey Energy/ Simply Green technicians are in the process of upgrading much of the island’s equipment—including all of its boilers—and are providing the propane gas for back up if the solar system fails.

In addition, Lamprey & Simply Green provide the island’s transportation fleet with its marine biodiesel.

Jack Farrell, Island Manger for Star Island, has been intimately involved in the energy project. From his perspective, the tiny island has an influence that reaches far beyond its rocky shores.

“I’ve known the folks at Lamprey and Simply Green, and Guy Marshall in particular, for a long time, and they’ve always been a company you can rely on,” says Farrell. “Even with some of the more ambitious projects we eventually want to tackle, Guy’s worked really hard to find any way to make it happen.”

Lamprey has also lent its support to another Seacoast maritime totem: the Gundalow Company. During the recent construction of the Company’s new flagship vessel, the gundalow Piscataqua, Lamprey Energy refurbished an old boiler salvaged from a shipyard in Maine so that it could be used to steam-bend planks and frames.

Now that Piscataqua is launched and sailing, her back-up motor is fueled with Lamprey- Simply Green’s marine biodiesel, which is offered at a discount.

Molly Bolster, Executive Director of the Gundalow Company has known Guy Marshall for several years, both as a friend and as a business partner and says,

“Guy the best example I know of a community-minded business owner who reaches out and supports community efforts and activities,” says Molly Bolster, Executive Director of the Gundalow Company and a long-time friend and business partner of Marshall’s.

Here’s where the circle is completed: SEA, Simply Green, and Gundalow are all business partners of Green Alliance, a Portsmouth-based organization that certifies and promotes sustainability-minded companies while offering a discount co-op for consumers.

Taken together, Lamprey Energy’s steadfast community involvement encompasses a wide range of people, passions, and projects – an involvement that now includes biofuels pioneer Simply Green. What unites them all, however, is an underlying calculus that more and more people are starting to appreciate: the power of doing business locally.

“For us, being involved in the community helps us to remind our friends and neighbors that doing the ‘green thing’ isn’t just about energy, some business choices are greener than others, too,” says Marshall. “The more money we keep in the local economy, the better chance we have of influencing each other and teaching the next generation about making the right choices—whether it’s how to heat their home or how to lend a helping hand.”

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