Blog : Join the Green Alliance

By Herb | Jan 6, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance is a community of like-minded people who believe in being gentle on the planet and want these beliefs to be reflected in where they spend their money. For $35 a year, more than 3,000 GA consumer members use their Green Cards to access exclusive discounts to more than 100 local green businesses throughout the region, saving the consumers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And there is scarcely a sector or industry not represented by the Green Alliance. Business Partners include alternative energy purveyors, retailers, yoga studios, bakeries, restaurants, construction companies, web design firms, and virtually everything in between.

The relationship between GA consumer members and Business Partners is mutually reinforcing: The more green businesses that join, the more enticing the membership is for individual consumers, while more consumer members means a growing swell of potential businesses for prospective stores and firms.

“We like to call it ‘going green and saving green at the same time,’” says GA Director Sarah Brown. “For years the big knock on green products and services was that they’re too expensive. But knock 20, even 50 percent off — that changes the calculus entirely.”

 Becoming a Green Alliance member, however, means much more than just getting great discounts; it's also your portal into the green community, a chance to see which local businesses are taking steps toward sustainability.

But will these businesses see you?

If you read the GA Blog, you believe in sustainability. But if you’re not a GA member, unable to pull out your Green Card for purchases at GA partnering businesses — forgetting the discount for the moment — how do you let Business Partners know you’re there and that you care?

Businesses gauge their performance by numbers: profits, losses and the like. GA Business Partners know how many Green Card holders walk through the door. The more Green Card holders Business Partners see, the better it is for business — and the more reinforcing it is for GA Business Partners to continue pursuing sustainability.

The converse, however, is also true. The fewer Green Card holders they see, the less Business Partners feel empowered to pursue things green.

“We decided from Day 1 that we wanted an outlet for people, whether they were business owners or consumers, to put their money where their values were,” says Brown. “And we wanted people to realize that going green didn’t have to mean going broke, that going green could actually save you a little of it too.”

To join the Green Alliance, click here.