Blog : Introducing Get it Going, Our Newest GA Business Partner

By Sam | Jan 10, 2014 | in

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest business partner! Lifestyle and apparel company Get it Going, based in North Hampton, N.H., has set out to encourage and support the thought-to-action moments in life, encouraging people to simply start doing things that make the world a better place. Sisters Jill Spring and Natasha Goyette co-own the company and have been spreading the name and the mantra since 2009.

Get it Going's mission is simple: to foster a business as committed to the community as the commodity. The people there hope to encourage others to take action on their ideas, using their responsibly sourced, eco-friendly apparel as a daily reminder.

GiG has a growing selection of T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers to choose from on its Web site, as well as a page suggesting different challenges for individuals or groups to complete in their commitment to making themselves and the world a more positive and productive environment.

Get going to its business page on our Web site to check out its GA member discount!