Blog : ENH Power Proving Energy Choice Can Be Sustainable

By Jim Cavan | Jan 27, 2014 | in

As Americans, we’ve adopted as gospel the freedom to “shop around” – to compare and contrast product prices and bona fides and make choices that appeal to conscience and wallet alike.

When it comes to electricity, however, the tendency is to assume that there simply is no alternative to whatever’s surging through our fridges and flat screens.

Electricity is electricity, the thinking goes. How can one option be better than any other?

Now, thanks to companies like ENH Power, New Hampshire residents are finally becoming privy to a mantra most never even considered: You have a choice.

A 2012 story published in Business NH magazine details the complex, often contentious history of energy deregulation in New Hampshire. For years, commercial and residential customers were limited to choosing from a handful of large-scale providers.

And while the wheels for reform were set in motion almost two decades ago, it was only in the past few years that a slew of small-scale competitors finally began to break through the public utility stranglehold.

According to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, as of the end of 2013, more than 98,000 residential customers of PSNH have elected to get their power from a third party supply company. With more than 54,000 customers, ENH Power is the largest of these providers,

“Most people are so busy, they simply don’t have time to sit down and try to study up on the ins and outs of the state’s energy landscape,” explains Julie Lapham, ENH’s New Hampshire Community Outreach Coordinator. “But once you sit them down and explain to them what happens when you choose ENH, they get it.”

Along with Electricity Maine and Provider Power Mass, ENH Power is part of the Provider Power family of companies. Their business model is different from many other supply companies.

When a new customer signs up with ENH Power, their power is purchased up front and for the duration of the contract, meaning consumers are significantly less susceptible to fluctuating electricity prices, even during periods of high demand.

According to company co-owner Emile Clavet, since July of 2012 when ENH Power began selling electricity to Granite State residents, ENH Power put in place the financial resources to enroll every home in New Hampshire. “We don’t offer artificially low fixed rate plans then move customers to variable rate plans, our rates are always fixed. Customers have responded very well to this model as it offers them the security of being able to plan out their expenses.”

Sometimes, the resulting savings can be nothing short of life changing.

Bruce Cultura, CEO of Seacoast Helicopters, is one example of a regional rental property owner whose knowledge and recommendation of ENH has paid real dividends for his business.

“I had a tenant call me up and say, ‘my electricity bill is so high – I can’t pay for it!’ So I had them call ENH,” recalls Cultura. “A few months later, this same tenant called me back raving about how much the bill had gone down.”

“We couldn’t recommend [ENH] more highly,” he continued.

But ENH also provides power of a different kind – one that strengthens the causes and communities that make New Hampshire what it is.

Called the Power to Help Fund, the initiative was designed to help raise both money and awareness for a whole host of Community Partners, from school departments and towns to church committees to animal welfare agencies.

As customers sign up with ENH Power, they’re given the choice of selecting from a list of approximately 20 community partners. ENH Power makes a contribution to each partner based upon how many new customers select that partner.

“When you tell people that they can save money on their electric bill while having ENH Power contribute to a cause, the tendency is to think it’s too good to be true,” Lapham explains. “Our business model is based on long term economic health of the region, we are able to help by doing more than just provide competitive electricity rates.”

ENH Power even offers customers the opportunity for cleaner power than what is typically offered by the big utilities, including a “Coal Free” and a “Pure Green” option.

Taken together, ENH’s unique, ever-growing business model, charitably minded partnerships, and the quarter of a million customers behind them are turning something as simple as switching on the light into an action any Granite Stater can feel proud of.