Blog : Eco-Friendly Tree Care by Cornerstone

By Madelaine | Jan 10, 2014 | in

Cornerstone Tree Care in Portsmouth incorporates sustainability in virtually every aspect of its business. Cornerstone utilizes a no-spike belaying process to climb trees. This process avoids any harm to the tree and will not damage sensitive bark.

The team at Cornerstone is very conscious of their fuel use. Owner Micum Davis travels to all tree analyses sites in a fuel efficient Prius Hybrid. By switching from a gas-guzzling truck to the Prius, gas mileage increased from 16 miles per gallon to 50 mpg, this has reduced a huge effect on the environment. All of Cornerstone’s heavy machinery is under a no-idling policy. Davis jokingly refers to it as the “Kill-it” campaign. The Cornerstone office utilizes no electricity. Windows in its mobile trailer provide natural light.

Cornerstone recycles nearly all of its waste. Any bottles, paper, or waste wood are carefully sorted and recycled. Cornerstone reuses waste wood for purposes of lumber and firewood. It even has its own branch of recycled mulch, which is sold in bulk without packaging.

As a proud member of Seacoast local, it’s no surprise that Cornerstone enjoys being involved in its community. Employees are paid for four full workdays a year to work pro-bono on community tree projects. “We want to make sure that our services are available when necessary, not just when affordable.” explains Davis.

Cornerstone is a great choice for any tree removal services you might need this winter. Keep it in mind after our next big storm! Cornerstone also offers snowplowing services. To learn more about its services, visit

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