Blog : Contact NH Representatives About Wind Energy Bill Today

By Mary | Jan 21, 2014 | in

Tomorrow the New Hampshire House of Reps is likely to vote on HB 580, a bill which would halt all wind energy development in NH. The Former NH Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner George Bald stated:

"Policy decisions like a moratorium can have consequences to the state’s reputation as a business-friendly place and can directly affect projects that have a major economic benefit for the state...A recent study by economist Ross Gittell (now chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire) and Matthew Magnusson shows that just one 30-megawatt wind project would bring nearly $56 million in economic development to surrounding cities and towns, and create nearly 100 construction jobs and more than a dozen post-construction jobs.”

NH can not afford to single out such a valuable resource. Wind power would improve economic development in New Hampshire. Wind energy can be developed responsibly, with community input, all while maintaining a balance among the values we place on our scenic landscapes, tourism, and environmental stewardship. New Hampshire is also undertaking the creation of a proactive 10-year-energy-strategy.

Please call or email your Representative TODAY and ask them to oppose HB 580. The representatives need to hear from you why a moratorium is not needed, and why it will be detrimental to our future of clean energy and a green New Hampshire environment.

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