Blog : 6th Annual Yoga Mala Fundraiser

By Madelaine | Jan 23, 2014 | in

Zev Yoga not only supports sustainable choices for the environment, but also for the individual and community. Zev Yoga’s practices are designed to produce internal heat in the body to purify sweat and detoxify muscles and organs, thus sustaining the body. Owner Jonas Amberger also offers his studio space to the community. It is frequently used for gatherings, educational events, and workshops.

Zev Yoga will have a team participating in this year’s 6th annual Yoga Mala Fundraiser. Expected to attend will be approximately 200 yogis from more than 20 studios. The Yoga Mala is a three-hour class of 108 sun salutes. Sun salutes are a series of yoga moves often performed in the morning as a way to start the day off. Synchronization is a very important aspect of sun salutes. The more your breath and motions are in sequence, the more benefits you can reap from the practice.

All of the proceeds will go toward three local charities. The first is SATYA, which brings qualified yoga teachers to underserved populations, and supports teachers who work with special-needs populations. The second is Seacoast Eat Local’s SNAP campaign, which ensures that those who receive federal food assistance can use it at farmer’s markets and local food vendors. This would make healthy food more accessible and support our local economy. The third recipients are the York, Strafford, and Rockingham counties’ community action committees. The committees will provide direct fuel assistance to those who need it most.

For more information about participating in the Yoga Mala, or to make a donation, visit its Web site here.

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