Blog : 5 Green Tips from Little Green Homes

By Madelaine | Jan 6, 2014 | in

This week’s tips – things to consider when building a new home – come from Little Green Homes, a Seacoast company that emphasizes sustainable building materials and techniques for projects both large and small! Be sure to share with others on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more about Little Green Homes by clicking here.

1. Don't build in environmentally sensitive areas.

2. Try to locate your home near or within an existing community to reduce the impact that sewer and water connections have on the land.

3. Allow for access to public transportation, and to sidewalks and trails for walking and biking.

4. Minimize site disturbance, control erosion and landscape with native plants that can survive in your growing zone with only occasional watering.

5. Choose responsibly sourced materials. For a wood-frame house, for example, this means using reclaimed, locally grown or certified wood. The Forest Stewardship Council is a nonprofit that provides third-party certification of building materials, guaranteeing environmentally and socially responsible harvest practices.

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