Blog : 5 Green Tips from Colonial Stoneworks

By Madelaine | Jan 6, 2014 | in

This week’s tips – things to consider during the harsh winter months – come from Colonial Stoneworks, a Windham-based company that specializes in custom hard-scaping projects including walls, steps, fireplaces and much more! Be sure to share with others on Facebook and Twitter! To learn more about Colonial click here.

1. Keep your fireplace clean by hiring a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney once a year. This will keep ash and soot from collecting in the fireplace and significantly improve your overall efficiency.

2. Use grates made of C-shaped metal tubes to draw cool room air into the fireplace and circulate warm air back into the room.

3. Thinking of replacing your old fireplace? Consider a gas fireplace. These provide the enjoyment of looking at flames but can be 70% more efficient than regular fireplaces.

4. Choose wisely when picking a salt for your driveway this winter. Many salts contain harmful chemicals that can leech into the surrounding environment. Look around for environmentally friendly options. Also: Cat litter and bird seed are great for traction when you need to get out of your driveway!

5. As the weather warms and you start thinking about spring projects, consider Colonial Stoneworks! We emphasize sourcing our stones and other materials locally, and in many cases can get stones we need right from your own property!

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