Blog : December 2013

Metalwave Receives 2 New Certifications; No. Hampton Recycler Steps Up Capacity to Protect Public From E-Waste

By sarah | Dec 19, 2013 | in

Green Alliance Business Partner MetalWave recently received two new certifications in responsible e-waste disposal. This is exciting news for a company already on the forefront of making electronic waste more eco-friendly.

MetalWave, an electronic recycling company, follows strict guidelines to ensure the electronic waste it handles is properly disassembled, shredded, and recycled. In 2012, Metalwave was ISO14011 and OSHAS 18001 certified. These two premier standards ensure environmental hazards are minimized in potentially toxic areas. On top of already having these two certifications, MetalWave recently completed both BAN e-Steward and R2 certifications.

“Our mission is to do electronic recycling with as much integrity as possible,” says Julie Wiggin, CEO and president of MetalWave. “Although completing our certifications was expensive, we’re dedicated to being as transparent as possible to prove our commitment to making e-waste environmentally friendly.”