Blog : Favorite Foods, Inc. shines with efficiency upgrades

By Tricia | Feb 21, 2013 | in

Sometimes it takes a clear example to show there is more than one way to go green. Favorite Foods has long instilled a mission that surpasses the status quos of sustainability and their green leadership is authenticated by their diversified approach. From partnerships to energy sources to business clients, Favorite Foods is recognized as a community-based, environmentally-responsible food distributor committed through and through to their local, green ideologies.

Literally shining the light on energy efficiency, Favorite Foods got to work with the necessary upgrades to further reduce their energy demands. By replacing the old outside lighting halide technology with surpassingly efficient LED technology, the upgrade increased the lifespan nearly fivefold and reduced the wattage from 295 watts to 70 watts.

Similarly, the upgrade of the freezer lighting to T5 linear fluorescent technology, and internal office lighting from T12 to new T8 technology, tripled the lifespan and reduced the wattage to a fraction of the original energy demand.

Chris Barstow, President of Favorite Foods, has always integrated energy efficient technologies into the facilities whenever possible. While the latest expansion to their facility was as recent as 2008, Barstow continued to stay abreast the most current technologies, eventually resulting in the 2012 renovations.

“I am always interested in reducing energy consumption for our business and the amazing thing to me was discovering the freezer lighting that was new in 2008 was already outdated technology,” Barstow explains. “So here we are four years later, able to reduce consumption again by 74%, and not at the cost of wasted infrastructure or materials.”

Favorite Foods addressed the high energy demands of their operations with the recent installation of the Air Economizer. The drastic reduction in energy demands from the Air Economizer is on account of the technology that deactivates their refrigeration systems when the outside air temp is colder than the desired temp for the receiving dock and cooler.

“We are impressed with the energy savings we’ve seen from the Air Economizer, on top of which the air filtration prevents any particles larger than 3 microns from entering. This means that the air is actually cleaner inside our facility than it is outside!” Barstow explains.

Once the air is pulled inside, low voltage circulation fans make sure the outside cold air is circulated properly throughout areas to be cooled. The process also shuts down the compressors, the largest power hog of the cooler, and circulates the air at significantly reduced wattage.

In a northern state like New Hampshire, Favorite Foods is able to capitalize on the energy efficient cooling at least 151 days out of the year. So what happens during those other days? That’s when the sun takes over!

For a company that has undergone such remarkable efficiency upgrades, it seems almost too green to be true that much of Favorite Food’s energy is actually solar derived. In fact, Favorite Foods houses the largest rooftop solar array in New Hampshire. The offsets from renewable energy are the ultimate completion to an entirely efficient operation.

“If you can be green and save money at the same time, it’s an easy decision!” Remarks Barstow. “It’s definitely our key to running a successful company.”

Favorite Foods, Inc. is a Partnering Business of the Green Alliance - learn more about their green initiatives by visiting their Business Page