Blog : GUEST BLOG: Take Action and Help Protect the Great Bay Estuary

By Tricia | Jan 17, 2013 | in

By John Kassel, President of the Conservation Law Foundation 

You may be aware that the Great Bay estuary is suffering from too much nitrogen. But did you know that Dover and Rochester officials recently took actions that could delay – and increase the cost of – efforts by other towns to reduce nitrogen and other pollution in the estuary? We need your help. Take action now by urging Dover and Rochester to stop interfering in the clean-up of Great Bay!

On December 14, after the town of Newmarket announced that it would not appeal a permit issued to it by EPA – a permit requiring it to upgrade its outdated sewage treatment plant, and to greatly reduce its nitrogen discharges – the cities of Dover and Rochester appealed Newmarket's permit. That's right – Dover and Rochester officials are appealing a permit that has no bearing on their communities, interfering with Newmarket's desire to protect its local waters, the Lamprey River and Great Bay. Their latest action is just one more step in a long, costly campaign of delay that is jeopardizing the health of the estuary. For the sake of Great Bay, it needs to end. Please urge Dover and Rochester officials to withdraw their appeal of Newmarket's permit and allow Newmarket and other communities to protect their local waters and the Great Bay estuary as a whole.

Take action to protect the Great Bay estuary from nitrogen pollution, here!

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