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By sarah | Dec 12, 2012 | in

Imagine this: You and your friends have just finished a delicious feast at your holiday dinner party—one of the many you will no doubt attend this season. Everyone’s tongues are tired, their stomachs' are full to the brim, and the party is coming to a close. You begin to clear the plates and bring them to the kitchen when you see it—all the food you have leftover!

There is no way that you and your family will finish it all before it goes bad, and your guests insist that they have enough food of their own at home. You certainly can’t give it to a shelter or soup kitchen since it’s already half eaten; so the question is: What to do with all this wasted food?

This is where EcoMovement, the Seacoast’s local compost pick-up service, has an answer.

EcoMovement is an independently owned business based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire who works toward creating a zero-waste Seacoast through making composting easier than taking out the trash for business and home owners across the region.

EcoMovement does this by providing its members with a bin and liner which the member then fills up with compostable materials for one or two weeks, and then picking up the bin and replacing it with a new one. EcoMovement takes these materials to their composting facility where all the organic waste is turned into rich soil and given back to members to nourish the Earth.

So, to prevent yourself from facing that holiday-feast-leftover dilemma this season, be sure to sign up with EcoMovement! They are more than willing to take care of all of that food waste and put it to good use.

Also, keep your friends and family in mind by giving the gift of compost! Not only is it a unique gift, but is also extremely useful, convenient, and helpful for the environment.

The following gift options are available for residents this season:

3-month biweekly service for $36
6-month biweekly service for $72
12-month biweekly service for $144

If interested, please click on this link: curbside sign up. After that, it is as easy as 123.

1. Fill out the required information fields for the person to whom you are giving the gift.

2. Choose the appropriate Paypal button for the one time gift payment.

3. You are done - cross it off of your list! Assuming you will want to keep this a surprise, please provide some details in the message area (e.g. when and how you would like EcoMovement to deliver the compost bin and information).

EcoMovement is also happy to extend a free month of service to any one that would like to give it a shot. Just shoot an email to Rian at

To learn more about EcoMovement and their services, please visit

Green Card Holders: Remember that, all year, residents can get one free month of compost pickup. Also, GA Businesses receive a free consultation and staff training!