Blog : Eco Tech Pest Control, proud to be new GA Business Partner

By Tricia | Nov 7, 2012 | in

The Green Alliance is proud to welcome the first environmentally responsible pest management service as a Partnering Business, Ecotech Pest Control

Thomas Pray, a degreed entomologist with over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry, launched Ecotech Pest Control in 2000. Tom’s approach was to focus on solving the homeowner’s problems with pests through managing the environment that fosters infestation, rather than simply “selling” a service. Tom’s approach is twofold: provide education to home owners that enables them to prevent any unwanted pests from entering the home by limiting the conditions that are attractive to insects; and provide regular on-going yearly inspections of the home and yard with two annual exterior applications – far less than is the industry standard.

Ecotech Pest Control’s strategy is to implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM), while treating the property for mosquitos, ticks, carpenter ants, and a variety of other insects that can become an issue in or around the home. In this way Ecotech truly sets itself apart from the industry pack. Tom educates his customers concerning the science and biology behind the invasive nuisance – something made apparent by Tom’s engaging, informative website based on information from an entomological perspective.

For Tom, his business is less about “selling” than it is about “educating” – after all, as he says, “the education is what sells it.” After years working with industry giants, Pray now prides himself on putting the science of his trade at the forefront of business. Tom takes a distinctly “ hands on” approach in helping home and business owners understand that an integrated approach to pest control is not only the most effective route, but the greenest as well.

GA cardholders enjoy discounts on mosquito, tick and ant mitigation services with Ecotech Pest Control.

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