Blog : Checkmate's Josh Robinson Nominated For Award Honoring Community Dedication

By webmeadow | Nov 16, 2012 | in

It should not have come as a surprise when Josh Robinson was nominated for Concord Young Professionals Network “Young Professional of the Year Award”; on the contrary, it was much deserved.

Being the Director of Sales & Marketing at Checkmate Payroll Services in Concord already gives Robinson a positive reputation in the community. The business is one of the most successful local payroll services in the state.

But Robinson is also an active, dedicated member of his community, serving on the board or volunteering for many local organizations such as the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, the Capitol Center for the Arts, and most recently, Bow Rotary.

“Most who know me know very well that whatever I'm doing, whether it be business or personal, I'm always trying to make connections,” says Robinson. “I spend most nights of my week busily doing just that.”

Checkmate is a family owned business, founded by Stephen Robinson—Josh's father—in 1994. Josh had worked at the firm on and off for years, officially joining the team full-time in May 2007. Since then, he has expanded Checkmate's client base to over 500 clients and broadened the services offered to include a suite of web based workforce management solutions comprised of payroll, time and labor management and some human resources guidance.

Checkmate specializes in offering payroll services for small and medium sized businesses. What makes Checkmate so appealing to most is that they too are a small business, which allows Robinson and his co-workers the privilege of establishing intimate relationships with their clients.

“I can never get too far away from the community,” says Robinson. “When you're involved with a small enough network, you become familiar with people. It's nice to have those kinds of ties because its motivation to help someone you know really well.”

On top of having a locally focused business, Robinson is a diligent player in Concord's professional and civic communities. He is currently a member of New Hampshire Public Radio's Sounding Board, a participant and frequent sponsor of the Human Resource Association of Greater Concord, and a member of the Ghost light Committee at the Capitol Center for the Arts.

Robinson is also the Chair of the Concord Young Professionals network. He promotes opportunities for young professionals, generally between the age of 22 and 40, by helping them establish connections within the local community and providing opportunities for them to function in a professional, casual and non-intimidating environment.

Of course all this “connection making” brings Checkmate into the proximity of some of the state’s most unique organizations that also foster stronger communities. In 2012 Checkmate joined the Green Alliance, becoming that organization’s first and only green-certified payroll processor.

The Green Alliance is a local “green” business union that specializes in promoting local businesses who are environmentally conscious, and also offers a wide variety of discounted green products and services to their card-carrying members. With the connection to the Green Alliance, Checkmate looked for more ways to help reduce the company's footprint and lesson the businesses’ environmental footprint.

And Checkmate’s green credentials are substantial. In 2010, the business formed an internal “Green Committee”, which helped establish a completely paperless payroll and workforce management system. This relieves their clients of the hassle of paperwork while diminishing their carbon footprints at the same time.

And the thing that gives Checkmate the upper hand for running this type of system is that they can do so at a much lower cost than their competitors, who still function on a paper-intensive system. Robinson and his crew are also in the works of reconfiguring the office. Most of the work that Checkmate is considering will be completed in early 2013. The business hopes to undergo a lighting upgrade to feature LED and CFL options, as well as install a more efficient HVAC system and purchase office equipment from HP, a company renowned for its sustainability efforts.

But in the end, Robinson is best known for his dedication to the community; you might see his friendly face at three different meetings in any one day in Concord.

“I'm always out there promoting my community even while my calendar is full with work things,” says Robinson. “But they all go hand in hand. I'm not focused on just one single thing; it's all connected around the centrality of community.”

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