Blog : Jenaly IT gives us October's green tip of the month

By webmeadow | Oct 12, 2012 | in

This green tip of the month comes from Jenaly Technology Group, a green technology firm that helps businesses, big and small, choose the right options when it comes to saving energy in today's coporate world.

Over the years I've been consolidating my stuff. As appliances and computer peripherals have died I haven't replaced them unless they were an absolute necessity. My mircrowave died and now I just cook things that don't require a microwave (which is healthier anyway).

Another piece of machineryI haven't had for years is a scanner/fax. With digital photography, email and email to fax services I really don't need that bulky piece of equipment anymore. Every once and a while my email to fax isn't working or I need to scan something. I usually just do it at work but sometimes that's not an option. Buying a scanner/copier/fax to be used once a year is just wasteful consumption. Running out of the house to the copy center is a possibility but it isn't the most efficient solution so I started thinking about making do with what I have.

I, like most people, have a digital camera and a camera phone. It seemed to me that this would be completely suffiicient to take the place of a scanner. The problem I have with taking pictures of documents is that it's hard to line it up and hold the camera still. This is when I came up with the camera scanner stand. I love cardboard so I started with an old box for material.

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