Blog : Green Alliance offers $25 memberships to thank community!

By sarah | Oct 3, 2012 | in

In light of welcoming our 100th business partner, Home Town Technology Consultants (HTTC), into the family, the Green Alliance would like to thank the Seacoast community for all their help. To express our gratitude and celebrate this great milestone in the Green Alliance story, we are offering a special deal!

For the entire month of October, GA Memberships in addition to our recently added Green Families Club Memberships are only $25 (normally $35)!

What does this membership do, you ask? By joining the Green Alliance, members enter a gateway into their local green economy. Every one of our now 100 business partners is a locally owned business that dedicates its business practices toward sustainability. By paying $25, members receive a Green Card that gets them a FULL YEAR of exclusive discounts at each of our partnering businesses.

Our Green Families Club Membership offers even more. This membership allows families to connect with other families who share the same interests about our planet. Being a Green Families Club Member not only gives families the great discounts mentioned above, but also opportunities to partake in incredible events around the Seacoast! We offer field trips to local green businesses, farms, and parks, as well as “Parents Night Out” events to be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Seem too good to be true? It’s not. This great deal is all about helping our community. With only a few purchases using their Green Card, members can make their money back whilst supporting their local businesses as well as the sustainability movement as a whole. By working together and spending money locally, our community can take significant steps toward lowering our ecological footprint.

This special discount not only helps out our community, but also marks a major step for the GA. When the business was first launched in 2008 by environmental activist and journalist Sarah Brown, the GA's initial aims were simple: To connect green-minded consumers with local businesses committed to rendering their products, services, and operations more sustainable and through public relations, brand building and story-telling to help grow those same green businesses.

At the time, the GA's two cornerstone businesses, Simply Green Biofuels and Purely Organic Lawn Care, seemed to have little in common. What the two shared, however, would serve as the inspirational template for a movement that could change the face of Seacoast commerce.

Four years later, the GA is still looking forward. Brown intends to use the accomplishment as little more than motivational momentum, a fleeting carrot pointing to greener pastures.

To redeem your discounted membership, follow this link! A complete list of our business partners as well as every discount available to members can be found on our website, so get your membership today to start saving!