Blog : Free Beer for Voters!

By sarah | Oct 10, 2012 | in

The 2012 Presidential Election is right around the corner—just a few weeks away. The race has been neck-in-neck thus far, meaning that the final decision may lie in the hands of the Independents. In a race like this, it is more crucial than ever to get all American citizens to the polls on November 6th to exercise the right that so many died to give us!

This is why Smuttynose Brewing Company and Portsmouth Brewery have decided to provide American citizens around the Seacoast with a little incentive. On Election Day, November 6th, a FREE pint of beer will be given to all those who can present their “I Voted” sticker at the Portsmouth Brewery.

According to a news release from the businesses, “the premise is the same as giving you a pint of beer when you pay your parking ticket or donate a pint of blood at a Brewery-sponsored blood drive: it's not hard to drink well while doing good.”

Hey, we can all drink to that.

Both Smuttynose Brewing Company and Portsmouth Brewery are proud Green Alliance Partners. They each not only advocate sustainability in their practices, but actively support the triple bottom-line as a whole—People, Planet, Profit.

So, after casting in your ballots on November 6th, head over and have a drink with Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery—they’ll be waiting for you!