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Green Maids Focuses on Improving Health with Safe and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

By Sam | Jan 20, 2014 | in

You see the labels in the supermarkets: toxic, poisonous, hazardous. All things that end up on countertops or poured down the drain, and these chemicals can put the health of you, your family, and your local ecosystem in danger. But is it possible to clean your house effectively without these hazardous chemicals? Green Maids is a cleaning service based in York Harbor, ME, that is making strides towards greener cleaning practices on a daily basis.

Large name-brand cleaning products can be corrosive and damaging to humans and animals. reports that these chemicals can cause both acute and chronic symptoms, ranging from respiratory irritation, headaches, and allergies to even contributing to the development of cancer. In addition, chemical cleaners that are washed down the drain often do not break down organically and end up in our water supply, affecting our drinking water and aquatic wildlife.

Owner John O'Brien is committed to providing a kid, pet, and earth-friendly cleaning service with Green Maids.

“Dust, pet dander and things like that can aggravate allergies; I cannot stress enough the importance of a clean home when it comes to good health,” said O'Brien. “Keeping up with your home or cleaning it in a professional manner will really help to keep it maintained to improve the overall health of your family.”

O'Brien says that chemicals like 2-butoxyethanol, phosphate and ammonia, chemicals commonly found in traditional cleaning products, are linked to conditions like allergies, asthma, liver and kidney damage, blood disorders, and more. Green Maids uses products that employ the natural cleaning properties of fruits and vegetables. If the maids leave your home smelling like lemon or orange, you'll know it's not a chemically synthesized scent – the actual oils and peels of these fruits are in their cleaning supplies.

Two Firms’ Natural Alliance Promotes Dogs’ Health, Safety and Happiness

By Herb | Jan 20, 2014 | in

Two local companies that are dedicated to bettering dogs’ lives are collaborating in ways that benefit each firm, and by doing so, they are furthering the causes to which they strive to assist.

The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat in Portsmouth has created a synergistic alliance with Deerfield-based Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption, improving the health, well-being, safety, and happiness of rescued dogs and generating good will and business for a leading-edge pet supply store.

Dawn Price, a registered dietician and pet food industry expert, with her husband, Jeff, opened The Natural Dog, Inc. in Newburyport in 2005 and The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat in 2013, which is also helping Mary’s Dogs. Both stores are committed to providing the most healthy, all-natural, organic, green and responsibly manufactured pet foods and supplies out there. The Natural Dog stands as a beacon of what’s possible when nutrition, sustainability, and good old-fashioned localism stand at the fore of a business’s ethics.

Both Dawn and Jeff Price pride themselves on meticulously researching the best products for their customers’ pets. For them, quality trumps popularity, every time, which is why they work with companies that are either local, family-owned, or do a handful of things well.

Today, both locations boast a bevy of green, all-natural products, including bamboo and hemp collars, lead-free bowls, beds and toys made from recycled materials, premium cat and dog foods (including the Seacoast’s largest selection of raw foods), natural shampoos, biodegradable waste bags, beds, snacks, biscuits, herbal and whole food supplements, flower essences and more.

Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption has a strong reputation for saving dogs stranded in shelters, looking for the right match between dog and owner, and following up the placement with expert advice to new owners to ensure the match is a lasting one. But if a match is not a good one — and sometimes they’re not, said Mary Doane, owner of Mary’s Dogs — the search will start anew for the right match. As it turns out, almost 100 percent of the dogs Mary’s Dogs rescue eventually end up in the right house.

Red Hook Brewery Renews GA Partnership

By Sam | Jan 10, 2014 | in

Redhook Brewery is back for another year with the Green Alliance!

Redhook continues to wow us with its “recycling trifecta,” reusing its leftover plastics in conjunction with Poly Recovery and Foss Manufacturing, which you can read about here. Additionally, it composts its leftover food with Mr. Fox, and has superior employee health and wellness benefits.

Oh, and the beer is incredible too.

If you're familiar with such Redhook classics as the Longhammer IPA, Redhook ESB, and Winterhook, you should get familiar with Redhook's green initatives and how they're moving towards a sustainable future, one beer at a time.

Introducing Get it Going, Our Newest GA Business Partner

By Sam | Jan 10, 2014 | in

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest business partner! Lifestyle and apparel company Get it Going, based in North Hampton, N.H., has set out to encourage and support the thought-to-action moments in life, encouraging people to simply start doing things that make the world a better place. Sisters Jill Spring and Natasha Goyette co-own the company and have been spreading the name and the mantra since 2009.

Get it Going's mission is simple: to foster a business as committed to the community as the commodity. The people there hope to encourage others to take action on their ideas, using their responsibly sourced, eco-friendly apparel as a daily reminder.

GiG has a growing selection of T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers to choose from on its Web site, as well as a page suggesting different challenges for individuals or groups to complete in their commitment to making themselves and the world a more positive and productive environment.

Mooving Forward: Newmarket Dental's Sustainable Initiatives

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Join the Green Alliance

By Herb | Jan 6, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance is a community of like-minded people who believe in being gentle on the planet and want these beliefs to be reflected in where they spend their money. For $35 a year, more than 3,000 GA consumer members use their Green Cards to access exclusive discounts to more than 100 local green businesses throughout the region, saving the consumers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And there is scarcely a sector or industry not represented by the Green Alliance. Business Partners include alternative energy purveyors, retailers, yoga studios, bakeries, restaurants, construction companies, web design firms, and virtually everything in between.

The relationship between GA consumer members and Business Partners is mutually reinforcing: The more green businesses that join, the more enticing the membership is for individual consumers, while more consumer members means a growing swell of potential businesses for prospective stores and firms.

“We like to call it ‘going green and saving green at the same time,’” says GA Director Sarah Brown. “For years the big knock on green products and services was that they’re too expensive. But knock 20, even 50 percent off — that changes the calculus entirely.”

Get Involved with CLF's Clean Water Advocate Program

By Madelaine | Jan 6, 2014 | in

The Conservation Law Foundation is a partner of The Green Alliance, which works to protect New England's Environment. It has been promoting healthy communities and a clean environment since 1966. The CLF is currently seeking volunteers to be "Clean Water Advocates" for the Great Bay. Volunteer activism is important to maintaining a clean and beautiful Great Bay. There are many opportunities for people in the Seacoast and Southern Maine area to get involved and provide a voice for our estuary. Making a difference for our environment can be as simple as:

- Participating in important local votes for clean water.

- Contacting your legislators as needed.

- Phoning friends.

- Attending periodic Clean Water Advocates meetings to learn more about the issues facing the Great Bay Estuary and to meet others who care about its future.