For Immediate Release: Green Alliance Launches Kickstarter Campaign for new “Naked Bullfrog” Platform

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Sample Tweets:
@Green_Alliance launches @kickstarter to raise funds for #NakedBullfrog, a directory of kick-ass businesses:

Introducing the #NakedBullfrog #GreenRevolution! Let’s break the internet with our Kickstarter campaign:

GREENLAND, NH:  The Green Alliance, a New Hampshire-based PR firm, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital for a new platform called the Naked Bullfrog. Billed as an interactive resource for sustainable living, the Naked Bullfrog enables users to find and refer local business committed to sustainability.

Emerald Lush, An Organic Approach to Adaptive Lawn Care

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This article first appeared in the summer 2016 issue of Coastal Home magazine

By Mike Bellamente

When Rye, New Hampshire, resident Ann Parziale first decided to take a chemical-free approach to caring for her lawn, climate change was hardly among the top reasons for doing so.

“We are serious vegetable and flower gardeners, but we had neglected our lawn for many years,” Parziale explains. “It had deteriorated to the point that it was pretty ugly. Also, we had a healthy grub population that turned into Japanese beetles, which proceeded to eat my flowers and some vegetable leaves.”

It was time to call in a professional, but Parziale was loathe to introduce chemicals that would upset the natural ecosystem she and her husband had worked so hard to cultivate in their gardens. “One thing I’ve learned over the years is that nothing exists in isolation,” says Parziale, whose property abuts nearby Berry Brook. “The chemicals don’t stop at the lawn’s edge and say, ‘Hey, we’re not wanted in the vegetable patch.’ What we put on our lawns and gardens affects not just the soil, but all the local inhabitants including the birds that eat the worms, grubs, and insects.”


Chinburg Properties Honored by EPA as a 2016 Energy Star® Partner of the Year

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Karen Breen and Lori Bachand of Chinburg Properties Accept the Award from Jacob Moss- Acting Deputy Director for the Climate Protection Partnerships Division.Newmarket, NH – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized GA business partner Chinburg Properties with a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – New Home Builder Award for its outstanding efforts to bring more energy-efficient homes to market. Chinburg Properties accomplishments were recognized in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2016, with Karen Breen and Lori Bachand of Chinburg Properties accepting the award from Jacob Moss, Acting Deputy Director for the Climate Protection Partnerships Division.

Chinburg Properties, an ENERGY STAR partner since 2004, was honored for:
New Home Development and Construction. The company is one of only 5 builders nationally to be recognized in this category. 

A Personal Note from the Green Alliance

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GA Friends and Members,

First off, thank you for your patience throughout the transition of the Green Alliance. The hiatus was intended as a way to tip our cap to GA founder Sarah Brown, while affording us time to hear from members and businesses on how best to grow our community moving forward.

While our aim is to keep the spirit of the Alliance intact (low-carbon economy, goodwill towards men/women, etc.), there will be some changes that you may not have expected, or that may catch you off guard completely. Heads up!

Rest assured, GA 2.0 will still offer plenty of social events(yes, click it), discounts and compelling content. That said, our primary goal is to make Green Card discounts more accessible to a broader audience. To that end, we are announcing the following changes to our fee structure for individual members:

Is the Christmas Goose Making a Comeback?

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Sarah Brown, Director of the Green Alliance recently completed her second story on the rising popularity of the 'Christmas Goose' for National Geographic's 'The Plate'. Check out the story below or read it on 'The Plate'

A hundred years ago, a golden-browned goose was a familiar delicacy on December 25th. Scrooge thought it essential to add to poor Bob Cratchet’s table in A Christmas Carol, and a goose who lays golden eggs was a prize in the Jack In the Beanstalk story. But good luck finding one at your average American supermarket today.

The Christmas goose actually traces its roots back to the medieval European feast of Martinmas. St. Martin was revered in Roman times as a spiritual leader and patron of children and the poor. As legend goes, one evening, having learned of his consecration as Bishop, he hid in a barn to avoid what he saw as a title above his humble station, only to be revealed by the loud squawking of geese. Their punishment? Feast fare for centuries to come. But as farming life waned, so did the goose—an animal that requires a long maturation time, much grazing area and time and effort to cook. One New Hampshire farmer is working to bring them back.

“A decade ago, I started reminiscing about the geese we had at Christmas as a kid,” says goose farmer Jim Czack. “I couldn’t find one, and so decided to raise my own. Once I had these noble, engaging creatures on my land I knew this would be much more than just my own Christmas dinner.”

Thus was born Elevage de Volailles in Rye, New Hampshire, a small farm-to-table poultry, duck and goose farm on a tree-lined rural road surrounded by horse barns and country homes. Demand has been so robust that Czack doubled his goose gaggles last year and is tripling them this year.

You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

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As I search for the tone that will no doubt act as the all-important first impression to many Green Alliance friends and supporters, I am at once hopeful of where the GA is heading and more than a little bummed by the departure of my dear friend, Sarah Brown.

As I am sure many of you will agree, Sarah is the Green Alliance, and it’s hard to imagine the organization without her passion and dynamic personality. To that end, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Sarah for the community of like-minded people she has established over the last seven years. I hope you will join me in raising a glass to the indelible legacy she leaves behind, while wishing her nothing but success in wherever her journey leads from here.

Less like an Acorn, More like a Giving Tree

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Local Preschool puts Nature and Giving at the Center of its Mission

Who or what a child becomes as an adult can often be tied directly to their upbringing. Their roots, so to speak. At the Acorn School in Stratham, New Hampshire, this is precisely why it is so important to instill values such as environmental consciousness and community giving into the little minds attending school every day. “We really focus on acts of kindness and generosity in our little universe,” says Crystal Hardy, Acorn School Board Member, “It’s important for us to reinforce the same value structure that they’re being taught at home.” Perhaps this is why, when the holiday season arrives each year, the Acorn School sets its sights on spreading their own brand of joy through a series of events focused on giving back to the community. 

Calling Mr. Bingle.  “Who” you ask? For those not as well-versed on the operational intricacies of the North Pole, Mr. Bingle is the caretaker and chief stall-mucker for all of Santa’s reindeer. While he doesn’t necessarily maintain the same high profile of his bearded, jolly ol’ boss, Mr. Bingle is an annual staple among the students at the Acorn School. Each year, Acorn, in partnership with the Exeter Adult Education program, work with Mr. Bingle and these young philanthropists on a community gift-giving effort that provides over 200 gifts, in the form of blankets, hats and gloves, to people in need throughout the community. The children, in turn, are each bestowed a bell from Mr. Bingle as a Thank You for their kindness.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Long!

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How is your holiday shopping going? Are you at a loss of ideas for your environmentally conscious friend? Or have you spent far too much money and need a way to save? A Green Alliance membership makes the perfect gift for friends, family, or yourself, and right now a membership is only $20!

Join the Green Alliance as a new member, with a one year membership for $20 (regularly $35) and you (or the recipient) will get access to great deals and events throughout the year. A Green Alliance membership is not a onetime gift to be enjoyed during the holiday season, but instead a gift that keeps on giving for a whole year.

Members receive discounts at 100 local and sustainable businesses that aim to be more environmentally friendly while producing reliable goods and services. The wide variety of Business Partners means that every new member is sure to find a use for their Green Card.

Futuro Construction Builds an Energy Efficient "Passive House" in Newmarket

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By Josh Rosenson

In Newmarket New Hampshire a “Passive House” is nearing its completion date as a Portsmouth based construction firm puts on the finishing touches.

Futuro Construction specializes in building high performance residential homes. This forward thinking company has been in business since 2011, and is continually pushing the boundaries by taking energy efficiency and sustainability to a whole new standard.

Since the company’s inception they have focused their efforts on a net-zero concept, which is a self-sustaining method essentially meaning that a home should produce as much energy as it consumes. Futuro’s newest project in Newmarket takes this concept even one step further by building what is called a “Passive House.”

A passive house takes into consideration the quality, comfort, and energy efficiency of a home. Matt Silva, general manager of Futuro, said that they are able to achieve this new standard by making the home more “airtight.”

“The aim is for almost zero air exchange that isn’t managed by the mechanical systems of the home which exchange fresh air into the home,” he said. “As a result, the home owner will not only be more comfortable, but the amount of energy their home consumes will become extremely minimal.”

Conservation, Construction, and Community

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By Kristyn Lak Miller

Living in a well-built space that’s just the right size. Being within walking distance to amenities. Knowing neighbors by name. “When it comes to choosing a home, traditional values are making a comeback,” says Jen Chinburg, Marketing Director for Chinburg Properties, the 30-year-old development and construction firm. “There’s a real interest in returning to priorities-driven, thoughtfully-constructed, community-based residences, downtown and beyond.”

Newmarket-based Chinburg Properties worked with its hometown on two developments to infuse tradition into modern living: Newmarket Mills, a downtown mix of rental apartments and commercial space, and Rockingham Green, a lifestyle community just minutes from the town’s center. “These developments have changed the way people look at Newmarket, and the way the people of Newmarket look at themselves,” says Steve Fournier, Newmarket Town Manager. “I am a New Hampshire seacoast native. When I was growing up, Newmarket was known mainly as a depressed mill town that provided inexpensive housing for students at UNH. Today, thanks in part to these developments, Newmarket is one of the hottest markets in the area.”

Apartment Living Grows Up, Goes Green, and Gets Connected

Newmarket Manufacturing Company constructed its first mill in Newmarket nearly 200 years ago, harnessing the power of the Lamprey River for textile production. Several mills were added during the century that followed and, during peak production, more than 700 were employed. The company closed in 1929 and the mills housed various tenants over the years, including Sam Smith Shoe Co. and Timberland. Though the mills dominated downtown, and long symbolized the town’s industriousness, they steadily fell into disrepair and, by the 1990s, became solemn reminders of Newmarket’s prosperous past.

Integrated Fitness Issues Health Challenge

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By Kristyn Lak Miller

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69% of Americans age 20 years or older are overweight or obese. Yet, despite a booming diet industry and annual New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, that percentage is expected to reach 75% by 2020.

“It’s time for a different approach to weight loss,” said Jon Arnold, owner and CEO of Integrated Fitness of Dover LLC. “Instead of going it alone or trying yet another fad diet, we encourage people to improve their health by losing weight through building muscle and eating better. That can be easier said than done, of course. So, for the last six years, we’ve held a semiannual Integrated Fitness Weightloss Challenge; it’s a unique, team-based program that really works.”

The next 10-week program begins January 11, 2016 at both Integrated Fitness locations, on Dover Point Road in Dover, NH and at Epping Commons on Calef Highway in Epping, NH.

“All participants are grouped into teams to compete together and this approach, though uncommon, is very important to participant success,” said Susan Brisson, owner and CEO of Integrated Fitness of Epping.

Hungry Like the Wolf; Natural Pet Store Offers Healthy and Raw Alternatives

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By Craig Robert Brown

Not long ago many pet owners purchased whatever food was affordable, often in economy packs of cans or large bags. The thought being, especially with dogs, that they’ll eat anything, with little consideration given to ingredients.

But as humans reconsider their own dietary habits, it’s apparent that pets should also eat a varied diet of healthy foods and not just kibble stuffed with filler by-products. For dogs especially, consuming foods rich in protein harkens back to their ancestral habits.

“Just like how we encourage ourselves to eat, or our families to eat, for our pets we want to look for foods that are less processed, that are free from chemicals and additives and colorings and artificial ingredients,” says Dawn Price, a registered dietician who has worked in the pet food industry since 2002. “Unfortunately, when foods get in the hands of these large companies that use those [artificial] ingredients, that’s what ends up getting put into some foods.”

Spruce Creek Woodworks Born Out of Business Common Sense and Sustainability

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By Josh Rosenson

Chris Redmond and Jeff Stacy launched Little Green Homes (LGH) in 2007. In the fall of 2014, they recognized a need for and added a custom cabinetry and woodworking shop at their Greenland space called Spruce Creek Woodworks (SCW).

Redmond said LGH was running into too many complications with cabinet orders. Whether they were issues with lead times, deliveries or imperfections in the cabinets, the problems persisted. Enter the SCW solution.

SCW was built out of the love of craftsmanship, creativity, and the feel of doing something right.

“Many of our projects consist of kitchen renovations, we’ve also built new kitchens, and have had requests for custom built-ins and our clients could select their cabinetry from many different sources, but typically out of our area. Too many times, the products would arrive and we’d find that the finish wasn’t great or the piece wouldn’t fit,” Redmond explained. “We recognized the value in producing and offering these same pieces, but better quality and made locally, by us. This was a huge benefit for all parties.”

Newmarket Dental: A Leader in Green Dentistry

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By Michael McCord

Nate Swanson was trained to be a dentist but his green epiphany was prompted by a simple observation: it was all about the trash.

In Swanson’s case it was medical trash piled up in a back room of a dental practice he worked at years ago. He took a close look for the first time at what he was seeing and it reminded him of a movie scene. “The situation was reminiscent of the trash compactor in Star Wars,” Swanson said. “I thought of the other offices in the same complex, the number of complexes on that road, and so on… it was insane to think of the waste being generated. I thought there had to be a better way.”

Almost a decade after he purchased Newmarket Dental, Swanson has scripted a green approach to dentistry. In the process, he has created a working homage to both sustainability and the bottom line. “If there’s a green option that’s not ridiculously more expensive, I will take it,” said Swanson, a dental school graduate of The Ohio State University who moved to New England from the Midwest in 2002. “We have proven that patients appreciate what we are doing and it typically improves the overall quality of their care.”

Save Money This Winter with a Free Heating System from Aucella Heating and Cooling

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Having an efficient home heating system is key for comfortable temperatures, and Aucella Heating & Cooling wants to ensure your comfort this holiday season, throughout the long winter, and for many years to come. Once again, Aucella is giving away a free heating system ($5,000 value) to a local family; enter before December 21 for your chance to win!

The contest is for owner occupied, single family homes and entrants must be adults and legal residents of New Hampshire. Entrants must also be homeowners and fully empowered to make purchase and home improvement decisions regarding their residence. Homes entered must be located within the Aucella Heating and Cooling service area, which is Strafford County and Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Entries will be qualified by the owners of Aucella Heating and Cooling before entered into the random drawing. The entrant must have an existing heating system that is at least 15 years old and include a brief description of why the entrant would benefit from receiving a free heating system. Entrants may enter themselves or someone else as long as they inform the other person of the entry.