Becoming a Non-Profit Business Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Non-Profit Business Partner. The Non-Profit Business Partner Membership is a heavily discounted version of our standard Business Partner Membership. This is our gift to the local non-profits making a difference in our community. Contact for more information about joining.

The Quality of Association and Reputation

The Green Alliance maintains a high caliber of business owners whose relationships stress accountability to the customer and the best possible green products or services available. The Green Alliance engages in co-branding, meaning your business benefits from the reputation and association of other local green partners. Green Alliance Business Partners and Non-Profit Partners offer a superior standard of sustainable products and services.

The Green Alliance currently boasts over 100 Business Partners, over 3,500 card-carrying consumer members, and 10,000+ community followers. The Green Alliance was founded under the idea that local businesses could support each other to enable better buying, and business, practices. Supporting the local economy runs deep within the Green Alliance mission.

Non-Profit Business Partner Benefits

Through the Green Alliance's Business-to-Business (B2B) networking and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) opportunities you'll gain:

  • New business from Green Alliance consumer members
  • Website exposure via
  • Strong social media representation and mentoring on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Press coverage and newsletter promotions
  • Qualified referrals
  • Tangible clout in the community as an environmental leader through our full Sustainability Evaluation and Report Card
  • Knowledge of the green marketplace
  • Alignment with respected and successful sustainable businesses
  • Community & local press relations
  • Green Branding by the GA; a respected third party
  • Support in the further greening of your business
  • Relationships with other green businesses
  • Monthly B2B meetings
  • Cross-promotions of other GA companies
  • An established monthly e-newsletter on local business and the environment that tells your story to 10,000 green-leaning subscribers
  • Access to employee base of local participating corporate partners
  • A team of dedicated and experienced PR professionals promote your business in innovative and effective ways
  • Strength in numbers for joint advertising buys, shared exhibit costs, and bartering possibilities


Non-profit Yearly Membership Dues: Starting at $750

Our non-profit discount is designed to afford the smallest (1-3 employees) environmental advocacy-focused non-profits, such as Blue Ocean Society and Great Bay Stewards, access to our organization-growing PR program at an affordable rate. Small environment-focused non-profits can join the Green Alliance at the lowest rate of $2,000 for The Green Plan; all non-profits will receive a minimum discount of $500 with the final dues amount dependent on size of organization and mission. 


For-profit Yearly Membership Dues: Starting at $1,500
For less than the price of a small direct mail campaign or a few print ads, members get a 12-month investment in a constant flow of contacts, prospective customers and information, which is inherently more productive than any other means of generating new business. The GA website, newsletter, and community presence, is a constant source of promotion for your business and a way for consumers, and “Green Card” holders to know what makes you sustainable. When you join the GA you are committing to a year’s membership.