Become a Green Alliance Benefactor!

With over five years under our belt, we're beginning to see the fruits of our labors; building a better community by pushing the envelope in business practices, and consumer purchasing habits. We've all seen the positive change: the small local businesses in our communities making a commitment to environmental responsibility, and all of us thinking a little more about what we buy, and whom we buy from.  

But we need your help to keep moving forward! And that means influencing not thousands, but tens of thousands of people across New England. Give the Green Alliance the tools to be a more powerful force with our Green Alliance Benefactor Program.


Becoming a Green Alliance Benefactor creates the kind of communities we want for ourselves and our children in multiple ways:

  • Help us go from 115 local green businesses to 150, and 3000 citizen members to 5000!
  • Expand our reach with the Green Alliance's signature story-telling that educates and inspires people to make a difference in their communities 
  • Create a bold & robust green community - one that's informed and empowered to spend their money with businesses that care 
  • Give local green business leaders the effective, affordable leg up they deserve as sustainable entrepreneurs 

The Green Alliance Benefactor program would get you all the benefits associated with Sustaining Membership, including lifetime membership in the Green Alliance; permanent acknowledgement of your support on our website; a profile in our monthly newsletter; up to 5 complimentary Green Cards (from you!) to engage family and friends in sustainable commerce; lunch with the Green Alliance staff (on us), if you have time; and a blog post detailing your generosity and green spirit. You would also get calendar-year membership in the NH chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, as we promote and support local jobs and organic agriculture in our region.

Most importantly, you'd get the satisfaction of knowing that your financial support is truly making a difference, as together we build our own solutions. Please note: contributions to the Green Alliance are not tax-deductible.  


  • Become a GA Benefactor for $500!                                 

 "Be the change you want to see in the world."

-- Gandhi

  • Become a GA Benefactor for any amount >$500!          


If you'd like to become a Green Alliance Benefactor through regular post, please mail a check to: Green Alliance, 75 Congress St, Suite 304, Portsmouth, NH 03801. 

Our Benefactors:

1. Linda Tyring.  Linda Tyring is the President of Portsmouth-based TVC Systems, a firm that specializes in helping companies and institutions (including UNH) streamline their energy use through metering and computer-based automation of their client's facilities. Because much of this important work is done behind the scenes, it's often hidden from public sight. But that's not a deterrent to Linda, who has been described as exceptionally humble and down-to-earth, especially for a company president! The Green Alliance would sincerely like to thank Linda for her support, her generosity, and her friendship over the years!