About GA

Our Mission:

  • To increase the profits of businesses that are having the least impact on the environment and to encourage more sustainable business practices through "Business-to-Business" mentoring and strength in partnership.
  • To educate and influence the public to consider the goods and services they use in their own communities and to encourage more sustainable choices.

Our Story

The Green Alliance was born from a partnership of business ingenuity and community environmental advocacy. In 2008, Green Alliance founding business, Simply Green Biofuels, was trying to break into a market dominated by fossil fuels, when they realized that an alliance of similarly green-minded businesses might bring more tangible results. Simply Green owner, Andrew Kellar, knew that Seacoast residents using biofuel would similarly be interested in green landscaping companies, green restaurants, etc. Kellar had the idea of teaming up with these other local green businesses, where each business would offer eachother's customers mutual discounts, while sharing best business practices and marketing techniques.

At the same time, community activist Sarah Brown was working in Portsmouth and Kittery on community environmental issues. As the environmental advocacy widened to include towns and local business, Brown recognized that some businesses, including Simply Green, were leading the way in sustainability. She began to ask how she could bring attention to those local businesses doing the right thing for our planet, as well as encouraging and providing support for the more timid businesses trying to "go green". Hence, the Green Alliance was born!